Explara 2.0 Products Updates Release – 28th July 2017

Explara’s brand new products and new product update releases have opened up new horizons for the various kinds of event organizers in terms of managing their attendees/ members even more flexibly in an effective and simple to use interface, we have made the following progressive changes:

  1. Home Page:

Check out the updated homepage and solutions page design. Browse through Explara’s state of the art Solutions for Events & Memberships management across timelines and components of your events, conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, expos, groups/ associations and more.

  1. Merchandise: Promotion Tab is updated for Merchandise Solution to make it at par with other solutions.
  1. Stay & Travel: Promotion Tab is updated with new Design in Stay & Travel
  1. Group:
  • Email Campaign Report is added in Group  for both User Campaign & System Campaign
  • KYC & Tax Details in Group
  • Dynamic Tax Option for Explara Groups (CGST, SGST, IGST)

  • New Tax Calculation in Checkout page for Groups & Memberships
  • CC & BCC Option for Email Campaigns
  • Download Member list based on the applied filters.
  • Now organizers can do Unique Member validation while selling/ activating membership plan for more than one member.
  1. Event manager: Introducing the brand new Event Check-in, Event POS Application along with Invoice ready to use. Sign in now to check the brand new products for speedy high-quality event management.
  1. Contact manager: Complete email campaign reporting in Contact Manager giving details of region, open rate and click rates to the granular level.
  1. Event Ticketing:
  • Ready to use templates for Email Campaigns in Explara Events product. Now save more time while executing mass communications.
  • KYC & Tax Details in Event
  • Dynamic Tax Option for Explara Events (CGST, SGST, IGST)
  • New Tax Calculation in Checkout page for Events
  • CC & BCC option for Email Campaigns
  • Email campaign and email logo preview added
  1. Invoice:
  • New Tax Calculation in Proforma Invoice & User Invoice
  • Introducing the brand new Proforma Invoice for offline payment allowing Buyers to download it to process & record the payments.
  1. Contact Manager:
  • CC & BCC option for Email Campaigns
  • Email campaign and email logo preview added
  1. Emaxio: Meeting Request module in Emaxio Mobile App builder to use in existing and new Mobile Apps.
  1. All products:
  • iCalendar implementation on purchase of ticket in the confirmation email
  • KYC & Tax Details in Account

Keep your feedback coming and we will keep on improving. Schedule a demo today and get an end to end assistance on product understanding and usability.

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