Explara 2.0 Products Updates Release – 14th June 2017


To make event organizing successful, speed and quality play an essential role in achieving maximum ROI. Lately, we have been focusing on helping our organizers achieve just that to manage their operations across the event duration in the least possible time. Check the following products updates to get a hang of how you make the most out of your efforts

Explara Group

  1. Email Campaign changes System-defined and user defined

  1. Email Member (choose your own created template or 3 pre User defined templates)
  2. Smarter Interface for Social Media promotions integration
  3. Introducing Active Membership, Expired Membership, Grace Period Membership with new dynamic table and smart filtering which will help users conveniently manage.

5. Now Invite Members in a new and intuitive Interface


  1. Introducing Survey page theme. Make your surveys more beautiful and engaging with the new set of themes for your surveys.

2. Choose from the variety of survey themes from sub-menu under setup menu.

Explara Event

1. You can Save Template as well as Import Templates in the attendee form on the. This makes it easier for you to use the attendee form offline.


  1. Use new interface of Submix Settings to manage everything super fast
  2. New options include Blind Review, Blind Rating, Hide individual optional fields that let you keep things confidential.

3. Download the Reviews and Ratings to analyse more and make sense out of your data

4. Upload research paper abstracts in PDF to publish and manage

These are just some recent updates we have made to make Explara faster and convenient for our organizers to use. Keep your feedback coming and we will keep on improving.

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