Planning for a Kitty Party? Here Are The Steps..

July 16, 2013 |  by  |  How To
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Kitty party is a ladies gathering that usually happens once in a month. This is organized by one of the member from group. Every month different member of the group host this party at their home. This is usually done to increase interaction and have a little fun.


Organising a kitty party is 5 steps away –

Step 1: Themed kitty party

Think of some of the unusual theme for kitty party, this can be great fun. Select a kitty party theme that your friends will enjoy. Ladies like beauty, fashion, movies and so on. This will make your party interesting and fun to attend.

Step 2: Meal

Planning the menu for your party well in advance will give you more time to enjoy the games on the day and also helps you deal with other activities. Your meal should contain 3 course. Make a couple of elaborated dishes that grabs some admiration from your guest. Also plan some dishes that will go with your theme.

Step 3: Entertainment

List ideas for party games that are both engaging and interesting. Google out for some interesting games, have your music system ready and if you planning for a movie then have your system checked well in advance, and have wide range of options for the movie.

Step 4: Informative

Do not restrict your kitty party to just games and movies, make it informative by having a cooking or calligraphy demo. You can also have demo on some make up tips or fashion. Make it more informative by inviting beauty expert for discussion or  you can have a debate over  social activities.

Step 5: Planning

Once you have a frame work of your party you can start planning it. You can see our article how to organise a party.

Step 6: Being a nice host

On the day of your kitty party, be cheerful and welcome all your guests very warm and friendly. Talk to all of them rather than just sticking around with just one or two. Keep the conversation as light as possible, do not forget to thank them when they are leaving. Have fun planning your kitty party and enjoy it.

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