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5 Hacks to Organize a Camp like a Champ

Organizing a camping trip this weekend? As a camping event organizer, these 5 hacks will let you organize a camp like a champ. So the next time you go camping, you can sleep a little easier at night. Bring back your old customers camp after camp by giving them an amazing camping experience. 

1.Pack dryer lint for a quick campfire

Finding tinder for your campfire is a huge task, especially when you move around a lot and have to start campfires from scratch. Dryer lint is one of the best ways to start a fire. It lights up immediately and is much better than wood chips, dried coconut shavings or shredded paper. The best part is it’s light and doesn’t add to your pack’s weight in any way. Teach all your fellow campers how to light a fire quickly and easily.

Start collecting your dryer lint a couple of weeks before you plan to leave and put it into a ziploc bag for easy use. See how easy it is to start a fire using dryer lint for yourself.

2.Glow-In-The-Dark paint for lighting

Most camping trips have a lights out in place after the campfire dies down (unless you need to keep the fire going because of some silly reason like animals or something). Glow in the dark paint on small jars and odd knick-knacks makes for great lighting in the dark and is enough to light the way around tents. It also adds to the atmosphere and makes for some really happy campers. You do get the non-toxic kind. Make sure you use that one.

3.Tic Tac Boxes for Spices

Re-purpose used tic tac boxes to hold spices. They’re sturdy, small and are perfectly sized to hold all the spices you’ll need for the trip. You’ll probably stock up on some ready-to-eat packages but having a few spices always helps. Particularly if you decide to have a scavenge and eat for the campers to have some fun. Salt, Sugar and Pepper are the basics. The rest are up to you.

4.Coffee Filter + Dental Floss = Travel Coffee Bags

Invest in some coffee filter and good quality dental floss. Prepare some coffee grounds and place it in roughly circular cuts of the coffee filter. Fasten the bag using dental floss and you have a very serviceable travel coffee bag ready. You can use it as you would use any tea bag. Simply heat some water and dip the coffee bag into it. Saves you the trouble of carrying separate containers for the coffee and the headache of brewing the odd cup every now and then.

Instant coffee is an instant hit while camping. Bringing back your previous customers camp after camp is about the little things.

5.Biodegradable Trail Marking Tape

This is particularly great if you plan on setting up camp and wandering around for a few days. Biodegradable tape is violently fluorescent so that you can see it for miles, usually glow-in-the-dark and definitely environment friendly. Give it to the worrisome campers so you know you don’t have to stay up and organize search parties afterwards.

Hopefully these hacks will make your next camping trip a lot easier to organize. If you’re a regular camper you can even set up events on Explara to show the ropes to amateur campers or even enjoy yourself with a great camping trip with other campers like you.

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