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Your Guide to Audience Engagement

As it has been proven across times, engaging your audience is key to any business success. Engaged users are more likely to trust the brand which apparently relates to the success of any business. More and more businesses today are changing their strategies and are focussing on maximizing loyalty and engagement.

Increasing audience engagement is important for continuously hosting successful events. Although, attendee engagement does not necessarily start in the event itself. It begins long before and continues well after the event ends! Thus, you need to not only master the art for pre-event requisites but also know the trick of the trading post the event. The more intellectually and emotionally invested your audience becomes, the more likely it is that they’ll enjoy your event, tell others and help market your next event.

Here are some ways that can make this happen.


Publish your Authority Blog – Build your online blog and provide valuable content to your audience on a regular basis and thus build up their trust so they begin to recognize you as the go-to authority within your niche. This is one of the most effective ways to kick-start audience engagement. Creating a pre-event buzz is the most important factor here.

Promote your Unique Hashtag – Promoting your event with a unique hashtag on Twitter doubles the engagement pre and post event. Facebook live is another great way to show glimpses of the event in different phases. Linkedin, Snapchat, and Instagram can also be effectively used to create excitement and engage your audience by sharing relevant content. For example, teaser content that includes clips from keynote speakers, event set-up photos, sneak peek of new technology on display, etc. One could use native advertising to display ads on these social sites.

Know your Attendees – Knowing the kind of attendees that are going to attend your event will help you prepare and execute the event even better, ultimately increasing engagement. By understanding and preparing better, the event could be more interesting and relevant to the audience, thus encouraging the audience to engage in everything they are offered.

Stage the Release of Event Information – To create anticipation for your event, strategically delay the sharing of some information. For example, if you have five keynote speakers, instead of announcing all five at once, you could reveal one speaker a day. This creates curiosity and gives people a reason to return to your website.

Set your Layout Right – The importance of a room’s layout cannot be underestimated. How you set your room is a cornerstone to your meeting. You have invited your audience to communicate a message, so it’s important that your audience is seated in the best way to achieve the maximum impact for your message!

Email Marketing – Measurable, shareable, and highly cost-effective, there is no business in the world that can’t benefit from the superior pulling power of email marketing. The database of the previous attendees could be used to promote future events. Registration forms could also be a part of the bulk mailer, hence enabling quick and easy registrations for your audience. Make sure the email is mobile-friendly. A direct link between you and your audience is at any time a powerful prospect.

During the Event

Engage your Audience – Real-time audience engagement involves transforming your attendees into participants. Asking questions, taking opinions and creating a direct connection can enhance engagement. Making the event fun will contribute to better engagement statistics. Engaging with an influencer in particular also leads to a larger conversation, which in turn can incorporate a lot of other attendees. Influencers have a wider reach and are more powerful on social media. Live polls help collect data for future events and also make the session more interactive.

Microblogging – Microblogging during the event can also boost audience engagement. Short messages, videos, audio, hyperlinks is an easier and faster way to communicate with people online within a few seconds.


Post Event Survey – Surveying the attendees shows them that you care about their opinions. It also provides you with actionable feedback which you can use to create better events in the future. One of the ways to measure engagement is using such surveys. Other effective ways to measure engagement includes app analytics (in the case of an app), the number of tweets or posts, and much more.

Thank your Audience – Sending thank you emails is a great way to keep the engagement going with attendees even after the event is over. Sending personal emails and connecting with them directly showcases an interest from your end to keep the engagement on.

Replicate the Event Online – To keep the engagement on even after the event, one can provide relevant content that will help attendees to easily share, like or comment with their opinion. Videos, clips, images and moments can be shared on blog posts or social media by making use of the pre-event hashtags. This gives the attendees a chance to engage further.

Your event is a success if you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening. An epic event experience benefits both you and the attendees.

We hope you find this article useful for your event organizing endeavors. Schedule a demo today to understand how Explara can help you organize your events in a smarter way.




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