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Events: Driving Restaurant Revenue

Hosting regular events at your restaurant may just be the deciding factor between really driving restaurant revenue and just making money. The fact is today’s in-restaurant diners are part of a generation that asks for a lot more bang for a lot less buck.

Engaging customers over the course of an entire meal is nigh on impossible thanks to increasingly shorter attention spans and the more than accommodating ways of technology. People need to be entertained at restaurants. Michelin star food and fine wine can only take you so far.

As a restaurant, you need to start focusing on experiences more than the food. One of the best ways to do that is through events. Events tie in the social and entertainment elements with the dining experience. They’re also pretty much the smartest marketing move your restaurant can make.


The Meat: Making Events Work for You

Step 1. Plan an event

A bit obvious, but hosting the right event that complements your restaurant’s theme, feel and customer base is so important, it’s crazy.

Think along the lines of “What will liven up the evening?” and “What will bring in the crowds?”. Then pick something in between that won’t scandalize your regulars.

If you find yourself in need of some ideas, try one of these. Or think harder.


Step 2. Publicize your event

Head here for a quick how-to to market your event offline. Trouble is your marketing reach is only as effective as your online marketing and promotional activities.

For a truly effective campaign, you need to do a lot of social media publicity, organic and paid. Some Google AdWords, a bunch of email marketing and a convenient landing page for your event.

Or, you could just list your event on Explara. That’s your marketing, event landing page and email marketing taken care of. Explara also leverages its own customer database for targeted promotion based on extensive profiling.


Step 3. Execution

With all your experience, there’s not much to be said here. 2 things to keep in mind:

  1. The event is supposed to attract customers even on non-event evenings. Plan your food, instruct your service staff and make sure the customers are more than happy.
  2. Re-engage. It doesn’t take much to send an email post-event. But it could be the difference between a satisfied customer and a returning one.


Quick tip: Explara makes it very easy to re-engage with people who attended your event by literally giving you your event customer data.


You can also set-up a community for your restaurant. Makes it easier for your future events if you have a strong following. Kind of like how Social Offline did.


You should have all you need to create some truly fantastic experiences for your customers. There are a lot of reasons to have regular events at your restaurant. Most of them are derivations of the same thing though: Increasing your restaurant revenue.




Team Explara

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