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Empowering Events, Groups & Memberships

We are striding ahead with a resolute intent to help people around the world bring people together with the power of Events & Groups. We have always believed in empowering great causes/ movements, building vibrant communities, organizing awesome events.

With this release, we are excited to invite you’ll to join 60,000+ organizers around the world who use Explara across pre-event, event-day and post-event timelines to manage their events & memberships. With every kind of event/ community, bring people together and move the world forward.

The Platform:
Launching the brand new Explara platform design with a new mission.

Thanks to the feedback given by so many of you we have been able to Up our offerings in these integrated bundles. Introducing the all new: 

Event Cloud:
This Bundle is tailored to every event organizers’ needs starting from pre-event planning to event registrations to Badge Design, Entry Scanning, Point of Sale apps for the event-day and the post-event solutions that help get smarter insights.

Membership Cloud:
This bundle is tailored to every organizer’s group/ community management needs to Automate membership join, subscription, renewal, member communication & event registration and activities.

Event Ticketing/ Registration:

  • Introducing the brand new Event Ticketing/ Registration with a smarter & easier Interface designed to save time and increase the quality of your experience.
  • Organizers can add Multiple Venues in their events for the attendees to choose the best one to attend.

  • Introducing the new ticket payment checkout Interface for Web view & Mobile view for all the types of Events one can organize using the platform (event types such as Seating, Conference, Multi-date, Multi-session, and more).

Group Membership:

  • We have improved the Dashboard interface of the “Appearance” page under Chapter/ Group Setup section.
  • Introducing 2 New Themes named Corporate and Forum for an elevated appearance of your Group page. Organizers now have 3 themes to choose from.
  • We have improved the interface of the Default Group landing page  to not only make it look sharper but also deliver a better experience for the members.

Contact manager:

  • With the new Copy & Paste code option, you can upload and use your own email templates to effectively communicate with your audience. All you need to do is copy and paste the HTML code and you are good to go.
  • You can now insert Tables into your email template content using the Text Editor.

  • Get more visitors from your email templates by inserting the link to your site in the Header Image as well as the Logo. So far linking was only allowed for the content in the email body.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas about the new upgrades in comments, we may even release a discount for the best comment. Try us for free. Book a 30-minute demo today.

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