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Run a Survey for Post-Event Feedback, Use Submix for Talk Selection/Paper Submission Workflow and More

Run a Survey for Post-Event Feedback, Submix for Talk Selection/Paper Submission Workflow and More

    If you had a conference or any event previously and you are looking forward to the feedback from the attendees, then here’s the perfect solution. Take a look at our interface for survey and other things we have introduced. We have made changes in the Overview, Setup, Promote and Report.

Updates in the survey section

  • The Overview has got a New UI.

Overview UI

      • The survey edit section has got a new UI.

        The survey form has got a new UI and some new functionalities have been added to it.

      • 4 new themes have been added to give a new look to your surveys.
      • The UI is completely new in the survey’s access control section. This feature allows you give access to other organizers. And you can also select those options of which you want to give access.
      • If you have seen the previous UI of survey setting, you would be able to differentiate the features introduced in this update.

        A fresh look has been given to the Survey’s promote section. Check out how it looks:
      • The widget has got a new UI.
      • Facebook App: New UI
      • Social Media: New UI
      • Email Attendee: New UI
      • Data is shown in the list when a user enters Name, Email id, and phone number. It is mandatory for data to be shown in the report section.
      • When someone responds to your survey questions, the response collected will be shown here.

      • You can see the individual responses here. It can be viewed in list or grid view. Has got a new UI and filter has been added here as well.
      • This section shows users who have not filled all the data and has left the survey in between. The UI is new and few filters have been added. This image shows that the fields have been left incomplete.
      • Response Timeline has a new UI and filter has been added to it. As you can see, we have shown it in graph view but you can also see it in list view.

        Updates in the Submix Section

  • While you create a Submix you will find that UI is completely new and some new functionalities have been added to the page.

    You can add multiple abstract topics and type. You can use the toggle button to publish the event.

      • We have changed the UI of the Overview.

      • This section has also been changed to a whole new UI.
      • Abstract List has been updated with New UI, Functionality added and New Filter has been added. You can directly search by name or any keyword.
      • Abstract Topic has also got completely new UI. You can see the list of Abstract topics you have created. And in the image below, you can also add new abstract topics.
      • Abstract Type: New UI and New Filter added.
      • Review: New UI added.
        To see the reviews you need to add a reviewer and then that person can leave reviews and it will be shown in the review section.
      • Author List: New UI and New Filter added. This is the view of Author list which has already been added. If you want to add a new author you can do it in the add author section.
      • Reviewer List: New UI and New Filter added

      • The new setting in Submix looks like this. A lot of new setting has been added to each of the sub-settings. You can set them according to how you want.
      • Payment feature added in Submix. If you don’t want money from your paper submission, you can keep the payment settings disabled. But if you want your submissions to be a paid one, you can enable it. So once an author wants to do a submission, he would need to pay and then proceed.
      • WorkFlow List: This is a completely new feature added to the Submix.
        This feature has simplified the work. As you can see in the images below there few conditions and actions which works on enabling or disabling the toggle button.
      • The book builder settings have been given a new UI. By enabling or disabling the toggle button would provide the desired information on the book.
      • Table of Content has got a new look and it provides the information as to what should be in the book. If you want to add any other custom content as well.
      • Now you have the complete freedom to customize your book design. You can add book front and back cover.
      • Now you can send an invitation to your event to your attendees by uploading name and email address in CSV format.
      • New Table for payment has been added in this section. You would be able to see it once payment is done for submission.
      • The UI has been changed and functionalities like Contact Organizer, New login/signup, Status of Submix has been added which shows on the landing page.

      • Under Profile section, Review table: It has been given a new UI and it shows the list of submissions which are yet to be reviewed.
      • Submission Table: New UI has been introduced and the submission is seen in the list and grid view.
      • Update profile: the image below shows new UI of the “Update Profile” in the Submix.

        Updates in the Groups

      • Checkout Page: New UI.
      • New Renew Flow added.
        First, you need to create a page, then add it to the theme builder of any theme(forum or corporate). Then it reflects on the selected theme.
      • Add Pages feature added for theme-based groups. You need to go to Group>Setup>Chapter pages>Add Chapter Pages.
      • Automatically theme is selected every time you create a new Group. And from there you can customize rest of the things.
      • Absorb ticket fee and pass gateway fee option has been added in Group.
        Updates In Events section



      • “Add Pages” feature has been added to theme-based groups. You have to go to Groups>Chapter setup>Chapter Pages> Add chapter page. Then go to appearance and select them.
      • For Images, Speakers and Videos new expandable view is added to theme 1, theme 2, default theme and mobile view. When you click on any image it expands and opens in a new page. For instance, have a look at this image below. Similar functions have been added to Videos and speakers.
      • Text area for Invoicing has been added to the Event.
      • While creating a new event a theme will be auto-selected.
      • Activity log for Invitation Form has been introduced.
      • Included Hex Code in all the color picker in themes
      • Go to Event>Event Setup>Appearance> Edit Theme

Then go to Logo & Title. You can change the Hex code according to your need.
So, here we have provided all the information with screenshots for your assistance. We hope this article provides you all the information as you create an Event, Group, Submix or a survey. If you still find it difficult to understand, we have a demo option for you. You are just a click away.

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