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Accelerate Engagement with Explara

Accelerate Engagement with Explara

Coming a long way ahead through all our previous product phases, we have recently been enjoying some love from users who have shared their thoughts about our platform. Here are a couple of such customers who felt we have added a good amount of Value to their lives.

This new release is all about smartifying your event organizing experiences and beautifying your event experiences for the attendees. We have been able to make some awesome changes, that to a lot of you for constant feedbacks and patience (you know who you are). So without further adieu, here are the new product updates:

Explara Platform:

Check for all the New pages on the new Header menu as well as Footer section of the website.

  • Check for the new comparison page to compare Explara with Peatix, Meetup, Eventbrite & Cvent
  • Introducing the brand new Resources module where you can Sharpen your Event organizing & management and Group membership management skills with Ebooks, Whitepapers and Blog.
  • Check our new Schedule Demo page and share it across your network to encourage your friends and colleagues to know how Explara can help them by doing a live demo with us.



  • We have opened up the entire Explara suite for you so you can experience the complete platform to manage your events & Groups/ communities across pre-event, event day and post event and membership timelines.

Explara Account:

  • Check out the whole new look of Profile Settings (Profile Info, Address, Change Password) and Organization Setting Pages (Basic Information, Organization Details, Co-admin, team setup, Payment Bank Details, Email Gateway, Activity Log)
  • Check the updated interface of White Label Page, Partner Network Pages, Plans & Billing Pages (Subscription Plans & Invoices), Integrate API page, Payout Page.

Event Ticketing/ Registration:

Onboarding Complete New Flow And UI:

  • Launched a newer, easier and smarter Dashboard UI for Ticketing and Registration.
  • And here is the big announcement: Introducing the brand new Subdomain Feature where Organizers can create their own Subdomain which will look something like: “” as an example. You can build your own personalized website for featuring multiple Events and Groups.

Check our new interface design changes on Event Dashboard, following is the list of sections with features, the user interface of which has been made better:

  • Event setup: Details, Registration, Attendee Form, Appearance, Create Ticket, Edit Ticket, Ticket Settings, Categories, Dependent Ticket
  • As you click on the newly added “See more features” tab under the Event Setup section you will see more options: Sponsor, Buyer Form, Attendee Validation, Discounts, Agenda (session), Sponsors, SEO Details, Social Media, Image Gallery, Video Gallery, Tracking tools, Webhook, Attendee Validation, Settings, Activity Log.
  • Promote Tab: Ticket widget, Button widget, Facebook app, Affiliate Program, Re-engage Audience.

  • Attendee Tab: Attendee list, Donor List, Buyer List, Pending Payments, Guest tickets, Add attendee, Email Attendee.

  • Support Tab: Users query, Cancellation Request.
  • Email Templates: System Templates in listview, under Email Settings you will see the new UI of Basic details page, Integrate Gateways page.
  • Reports: Cancelled ticket, Discount Used, Incomplete Order, Affiliate, RE-Engage, Marketing.

  • Invitation: Send Invitation, Invitation List, Invitation Form, Pending Request.

Group & Membership Management:

  • The new improvements in Logo quality and character limits of the group site title have been made in Group themes. Organizers now will only be able to add only their Logo (and not the title unlike the previous version) and the character limit for the Group site title is 75.

  • Introducing the brand new Bundle Membership Feature in Membership plans where an entity or a company can purchase plans for multiple members of their organization under the same purchase order.
  • When Bundle Membership is enabled in Membership plans, organizers can edit the data of all the members from a single panel.

  • In member lists, organizers can now Edit an Individual Member’s details directly from the right panel.

  • We have added the Password Protected Membership feature for Group site where in the details of the site can only be seen by existing members if they login or if they are not a member they have to join the membership
  • Member Profiles now can be seen publicly on the right panel every time a visitor clicks on the member profile icon on the Group site.


  • We have added the whole New signup flow for the authors. Check out the new interface.

Awesome! You made it! So what do you think about the changes? Did we do good? Let us know your thoughts/ feedback or ask your questions in comments, we’ll be waiting to hear from you.

You really don’t even need to give us your Credit Card information to Try us out. Book our 30-minute platform demo today.

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