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Progressive changes for better ROI

Progressive changes for better ROI

Today we are releasing the product updates of Explara 2.0. Keeping in mind our mission to help our organizers get better ROI and manage everything under one platform in an effective and simple to use interface, we have made the following progressive changes:

  • New UI of Event Overview: Explara’s new Event Overview User Interface is easy to use and easy to navigate and is built to increase your setup and management speed.   

  • New UI of Event ticketing attendee form: We have made the Ticketing setup and management smoother and detailed. Create beautiful attendee forms on our latest form designer.                                                                                                                            

  • Subscription module added for the group: Now choose your preferred Explara Group subscription plan and activate it directly using this module post free trial.

  • Subscription Invoice in Profile & Settings: Manage your group subscription plans from profile and settings in a hassle free way                                                       

  • Group Membership Receipt: Generate receipts for paid group membership which will also be sent via email if requested.
  • Edit Membership Expiry Date: No more hassle on the expiry date management, now you can edit membership expiry date for any member of your group based on their membership package on your group.

  • Send Event Email to Group Members: Now enjoy the convenience of sending event update emails to your group members directly from your group dashboard.                     
  • All Product Dashboard to show ‘Feature List’: Educate yourself on the list of features and how those can help your events even when you are not using a product but looking forward to.

  • Post-event payments management: When an event is completed, if organizer confirms pending payment, mail copy will not go to buyer/attendee
  • Contact us on Checkout page: Now you can directly shoot us an email at from the checkout page in case you get stuck anywhere or have any queries before going ahead.

  • Emaxio: Check the brand new app building features of Emaxio. Plan your events digitally on a finger touch.

  • Explara Submix product updates:
  1. Now you can Create and manage authors of research papers                                        
  2. We have made the Contact number field optional for the new joining authors
  • Contact manager: We are excited to announce the launch of Explara’s Contact manager. Contact Manager allows you to import, sync and manage contacts of all your attendees, teams, volunteers, sponsors, partners and more in an easy to use interface.

So this is how we have made Explara more powerful and easier for our organizers to use. Let us know your thoughts about this in comments.

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Team Explara