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Explara Launches 3.0

Explara launches 3.0 version, expands with new products for online selling and crowdfunding

For a decade, Explara has been a platform for new-age creators to host events, bring people together, and monetize their passion/ skill/ creations. Millions of these creators across the globe could scale their events & conferences to greater heights and have built businesses around content, events, community, and social impact initiatives. 

The future of work is already here, people need something more than a paycheck as a motivation to work, and “gig” economy continues to expand, influencing individuals to pursue their passion. Source: Forbes

Millions of people have niche skills, and with the connected world, they need 1000 true fans to build a million $ business. Niche is no longer the scale issue. Since the last decade, millions of these creative individuals depended on social media to grow their audience and advertisement as a source of revenue. The growing understanding is that this is unsustainable, and they must own, engage, and monetize their audience directly. 

You can find these trends in several of theses, herehere and here. Explara 3.0’s mission is to empower millions of such creative individuals /solo-entrepreneurs/creators to build a sustainable and scalable business by monetizing their audience, passion, skill, and creations. 

Explara 3.0 offers an all-in-one/full stack SaaS platform for creative entrepreneurs (and small businesses in creative fields) to monetize all their endeavors, from events, online selling, community, and crowdfunding.

Explara offers the following products:

Explara 3.0 has been in Beta version since Sept 2019 and has served 1000s of customers with our new offerings. The responses have been awesome.

“I believe the overall messaging on the home page is spot on. “- Gokul

“Awesome product.” – Sudhanshu

“Nice Design. Clean.” – Sachin

Explara 3.0 is an amazing work! I couldn’t find a single thing to suggest improvements on –Siddharth

Spot on! Messaging is very clear –Roomana

Value prop is definitely clearer than current –YourProductGuy

Overall site looks very clean and navigable – Bimlesh

Copy, messaging and design looks aligned with user intent –Pardeep

You can use Explara 3.0 for 

Explara 3.0 is now live for all. 

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Santosh Panda

Co-founder & CEO

Explara offers a suite of software products for Event Ticketing & Registration, Online Selling & Payment Solution, Crowdfunding & Donation, and Community & Membership. 

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