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Explara Live, Online Events, and The World now!

Covid19 has majorly impacted all Event ticketing companies worldwide. Almost negligible revenue for all the ticketing software companies and also a massive loss of revenue for events hosts across the world.

Somehow we are safe, thanks to my co-founder Ashok and a few key team members who pushed hard to go beyond ticketing. We chose to build Community Membership software in 2017 and our recent 3.0 release to go to adjacent markets such as collect payment for online selling and donations.

We just survived or instead in surviving mode (no one knows when the world will come back to normal; hence we all are in the phase of surviving). 

During Sept 2019, I had booked the ExplaraLive domain. The thought process was that we might list live streams (feed of events as it is happening, etc.), or serve live/online-only conferences. But 3.0 took higher precedence than ExplaraLive, and it got delayed till the end of Jan and then another two more weeks delayed with post-3.0 pressure to stabilize the platform.

And we all know, March has been the coronavirus impacted month, and everyone wanting to do live/online-only conference. Zoom has been a perfect solution for most of our customers to go live while continuing to use Explara for advanced ticketing workflow.

But most customers wanted an all-in-one integrated solution to host live and ticketing, both on Explara. I mean ExplaraLive.

ExplaraLive is getting built as we speak, in phase 1, to offer integration with Zoom, so all our customers can seamlessly publish events on Explara, which automates publishing on Zoom, and the registration, payment and all other processes are solved. 

Though the domain ExplaraLive might not get used for the above scenario, I would have never imagined in Sept 2019 that the world will be heading in ‘All Thing Live’ direction, so soon.

Post-phase 1 of ExplaraLive (integration with Zoom), we are likely to offer white-labeled native live conference experience using platforms like Twilio, Agora, etc.

Explara Live is scheduled to go live by 7th April 2020.

Stay tuned. Let us continue to Bring People Together. 👋



Santosh Panda

Co-founder & CEO

Explara offers a suite of software products for Event Ticketing & Registration, Online Selling & Payment Solution, Crowdfunding & Donation, and Community & Membership. 

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