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New Stuff: Make More Money With Explara Marketing Tools. Improved UX experience in Stay & Travel

We added a channel partner to marketing tools, now you can run affiliate campaign from Explara for your events. Offering accommodation and travel booking for your delegates, we took customers feedback to improve UX with a few beta customers. Their feedback: Explara Stay & Travel Booking Software is Awesome!

Channel Partner In Marketing Tools

  • Partner Section allows you to add partners, affiliate/sell via their own login window. Under this section, you can-
  1. Add Partner
  2. Assign Partner to specific events (one or more)
  3. The partner can log in to manage their own account and work for your event promotions and sales.

Channel Partner In Marketing Tools

  • Partner can self-manage
  1. Own Account Dashboard
  2. Account Event Overview
  3. They can sell /register attendee, one by one or by uploading a CSV file.

A lot more to in this module to allow super flexibility and simplicity to manage dozens of partners for your event affiliate sales/channel sales.

Stay & Travel

  • We added a new dashboard UI, new landing page, and checkout page to give you a branded UX experience.
    Stay and Travel
  • You can add your stay inventory, we now have a beautiful UI.
    Stay and Travel
  • Hosting more than one conference, you can use Global Inventory to maintain hotel and room availability across many conferences.
    Stay and Travel
  • Access your reports of reservation and summary list making it more convenient.
    Marketing Reports
  • Integrate your stay & travel options as widgets on any website you want.
    Stay and Travel widget
  • Accept payments by specifying your own custom pricing and fee settings.
    Payment settings
  • Bring your own Paypal and stripe account to process payment to your account directly.

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