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Explara Product Overview – Webinar Blog

We hosted the Explara Product Overview Webinar as part of Explara Webinars Series. The objective of the webinar was sharing secret sauces, gems and best practices to gain maximum benefits & ROI from Explara platform usage.

In 2008, and we were amongst the first few Do-It-Yourself platforms in the world to democratize event organizing. In our 10 years of working for the event management industry, we spotted the problem with event management tech solutions for customers is to use one platform for ticketing /event registration, and another for mobile apps, yet another for email campaign and dozens so on. Event managers spend a lot more time using a variety of software to host events. This is not helping them to increase productivity, reduce operational cost and increase ROI.

Explara is in a mission to improve efficiency and ROI from event & membership management.

In this Webinar, we shared

  • Explara Product overview for Pre-event, event-day and post-event solution needs
  • All the Explara products are available in 3 bundle /solutions
  • Secret gems in Explara that increases your productivity, reduces your cost and let you get more benefits from the platform without increasing your spend


We covered how Explara offers such in-depth solutions for:
Event Registration Software
Payment Processing
Email Campaign Software
Website Builder Tool
Event Marketing Software
Merchandise Sales Tool
Stay & Travel Booking Tool

Event Day Check-in Mobile/Web
Point-Of-Sale Mobile App
Name Badge Design/Venue Print
Event Day Networking App
Event Day Engagement Solution
Event Day Meeting App

Survey /Feedback Software
Contact Manager Tool
Invoicing /Bookkeeping
API, Finance, Data Integration

Membership Management & Add-on
Group & Membership Management
Paper/Talk/Award Submission
Mobile App Builder Solution
White label
Custom Workflow

We also shared secret sauces as part of DId you know?
Team Collaboration: You can bring your team members and offer them their unique account on Explara and permission to manage your events and/or membership.
Access Control: Offer fine-grained control to your members on what they can do /not

Partner Network: Grow your event footprints across country/cities by having their own chapter/team to manage local activities. Build a hierarchical network to have complete visibility across partner.
Email Integrations: You can send all your emails using your own domain and from email id. We let you bring your own Amazon SES account to do the same. We will be shortly offering SendGrid and Mandrill gateway account too.

Domain Mapping: Did you know that you can brand your events and groups as per your domain /brand name? Here are a few examples of domain mapping /white label event platform usage:

Branded Event Page: Add or remove modules as you need and design as per your event themes.

Free or Paid Ticket or Pay as you go:
Parent-Child /Associate Tickets –

RSVP only registration:

Invitation Only Registration:–supply-chain-conclave-copy-1

Team Registration:
Register Now, Pay Later: You can offer registration to register now and pay later.
Membership Validation:
Without Membership Validation
With Membership Validation:

Track your conversions: Running your advert campaigns on Facebook or Google and want to track conversions? It is easy with Explara track conversion solution using pixel tracking and/or google analytics tracking.

Customize Ticket Email Confirmation: Did you know you can customize your outgoing emails for your ticket/registration confirmation? You can add your own logo/ modify your content and add extra instruction that you will like to send to your attendees.

Event Manager Mobile App works offline: Did you know that Explara Event Manager Mobile App works offline too for scan and check-in!

Marketing Tools: Explara offers a built-in marketing tool that let you ta attendees for your events and grows your contact database. You can run branded rich email campaigns for your events. Also, bring affiliates and partners to launch an affiliate program for online sales and offline at the venue selling.

We shared a dozen or more such secret gems that let you get huge benefits from using Explara for your event management and membership.

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Santosh Panda

Co-founder & CEO

Explara offers a suite of software products for Event Ticketing & Registration, Online Selling & Payment Solution, Crowdfunding & Donation, and Community & Membership. 

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