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Grow your membership network with advanced membership management features

Announcing Public Launch of Advanced Membership Management Features.

This new release offers an All-in-One process & tools to manage Membership subscription, Payment (offline and online), Invoicing, and Receipt for each member. After implementing for few early customers and iterating, Explara now opens these advanced features to all our customers.

Many of our customers trust Explara Membership Management Software for running high net-worth membership networks /associations. Using Explara’s all-in-one tools let you manage large membership organization /association /networks, some of our customers manage more than 30,000 members worldwide.

Explara’s advanced membership management software benefits:

  • Reduce Cost of operation
  • Improve productivity
  • Increased DIY/self-served usage by Members

1. Association /Network manager now can manage all operation

Membership - Payment - Subscription - Invoicing

2. Multi-Group /Chapter Network Solution

You can use our Partner Network solution to bring multiple groups /chapters /networks in different cities under one domain and create a layered network to create one process, cross-chapter membership validations and event registration validations.

Example: TiE Hub

Multi Chapter Group Membership Management


3. White Label

Explara is the only platform in the world that offers to white label entire platform/part of the platform. Bring your Brand, Own your brand.

In less than 24 hours, we can launch your own events & membership hub in your own domain. You own your data and make most ROI out of your event and membership.

Example: HelloMeets

HelloMeets - White Label - Event Software Membership

Indo American Society: Hub – Powered by Explara

Indo American Society - White label Powered by Explara

Let us know if you have any queries or looking for a demo.





Santosh Panda

Co-founder & CEO

Explara offers a suite of software products for Event Ticketing & Registration, Online Selling & Payment Solution, Crowdfunding & Donation, and Community & Membership. 

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