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You are invited! – Email marketing for your recurring event

Many reckon email marketing as passé but it still works out as the best possible medium for recurring events. Yes, email is old and with ever-changing ecosystem shouldn’t we be looking at something that is far more dynamic and effective? We definitely should but old is not always outdated.

For other things, we have newer marketing tools and strategies like social media marketing, WhatsApp, video marketing, etc. but for recurring events email marketing makes the most sense, even now. 


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How , you ask?

Firstly, email is still the most effective way of reaching your target audience. With the increase in smartphones, it is almost real-time. People are checking emails in the same way as text messages, instantly. The message needs to be right, the medium is flawless.


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Secondly, if it is a recurring event then you have already done the educating and connecting with the audience bit. Now, your audience already knows about your event. Since a large section of recurring events has repeat attendees, chances are that the attendees just want to know the next edition’s date, time, and venue. It works in your favor too if you focus on a repeat attendee audience instead of acquiring new customers since it will work out cheaper for you. You can also try and have a mix of both – repeat attendees and new ones.


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Third and most important, email marketing is more targeted and personalized. You can customize your messages and add a personal touch to them. You can the user’s name, a welcome message, a special coupon and so on. Adding phrases like ‘You’re invited’, ‘Can’t wait to see you again’ will make the receiver feel special and valued. It is a much more effective way of marketing your event and inviting your audience.


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Email marketing tools that can help you with the above are available a dime a dozen. But at what cost? It can get a tad bit difficult to manage your multiple mailing lists, ensure the mail doesn’t land in the spam folder and even if it didn’t go in the spam folder gauging how many people actually read your email. Add to the list that most of these tools are expensive and not very user-friendly.

With Explara’s Past Attendee and Re-Engagement Solutions you really don’t need to worry about all these. Explara’s solution maintains the database for event organizers, let’s them send emails to the full database with a single click and manage everything at the same time. And no, it won’t burn a hole in your marketing budget also.

Check it out!



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