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Live Event with Explara

Host Live Event with Explara

The world has already embraced Zoom for hosting live events. With Zoom integration, Explara customers can now automate everything that is needed to host an online/Live event. 

Why Live Events?

Hosting a live event is much easier vs. traditional in-person/offline events. We at Explara have been serving customers for a decade, and we know how hard it is to host offline events. One has to assemble:

  • Sponsors
  • Book venue
  • Bring Event management agency/professionals
  • Legal permissions
  • Sell event ticket/conf registrations 
  • Sign speakers/ artist/performers

And many such activities which require heavy investment with a hope that there will be a profit. 

Though in-person/offline events are part of social life and we all love, but hosting a profitable event /conference is most challenging. 

When our event hosts succeed, Event platforms like Explara succeeds.

With Covid19, hosting a live event is gaining momentum, and this could solve the ROI puzzle for event professionals and host all across the world.

Benefits of hosting live events:

  1. Reach audience worldwide
  2. Sign speakers/artist/performers from anywhere in the world
  3. Reduce event production cost
  4. Remove all barriers such as venue /legal permissions 
  5. Host micro or mega-events as suitable for your event
  6. And many such benefits
  7. Why should you use Explara for Live Events?
  8. Explara is an Event hosting platform which all things needed to simplify event registration to payment collection and to engage your attendees, and more.
  9. For Live Events, Epxlara now offers an integrated product with Zoom to automate everything such as 
  10. Event Landing Page
  11. Online event tickets/registrations
  12. Integrated payment collection
  13. Email confirmation
  14. Event – Membership validation/workflow
  15. When your attendee successfully registers to join your live event, Explara will add the attendee to your ‘Zoom Meeting’/Zoom Webinar (coming soon) as a participant

And more importantly, you don’t have to worry about downloading attendee data and uploading to Zoom meeting (or webinar) manually, Explara takes care of all.

How does it work?

With Zoom:

To host live events with Zoom and Explara, Go to your Explara Account ‘profile & settings’

Click on ‘Organization’ and then ‘Live Event’, it will open the page:

In this page, you will see, Zoom Authorize, Click the Authorize button, and it will redirect you to sign-in page.

Once you successfully sign in on Zoom and authorize, You will be redirected to

You have now successfully linked your Zoom account with Explara.

After successful authorization, you can create a Live event on Explara.

When you submit the event to publish, Explara will publish the event on Explara and correspondingly create a ‘Meeting’ in your Zoom.

The Live event will now start accepting registrations from your attendees.

When your attendee successfully registers to join your live event, Explara will add the attendee to your ‘Zoom Meeting’ as a participant.

You can find Explara with Zoom help articles on

Host an online event with Explara now?



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