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How Do You Take The Pain Out Of Conducting Events For Your Association?

By definition, an association or a committee finds meeting as a core activity. The purpose can be ideation on an immediate problem or general concern. It can be planning and execution of agreed-upon plans. This leads us to the problem at hand. Let’s discuss the how of it.

When a meeting is so central to the activities of an association, say an alumni association, its smooth management would obviously be of key concern to the members. So, if the committee or the association meets every month or quarter, additional activities get added to its members each month or quarter. They would need to oversee and execute a whole range of activities – announcement, correspondence, managing attendance, and logistics, managing the event, collecting the opinion of attendees or members on various aspects of the discussion or about the association at large.

This is, certainly, a huge pain. More than that, it’s inefficient. Instead of addressing the core problems, the members now have to waste a lot of effort on handling the operations. Even if the association has a streamlined management, which has specific members for conduction of meetings, it’s inefficient. Sure, it’s more efficient than others. But still, those members could’ve devoted their time to more real concerns of the association.

Now, how to get rid of this pain. It needs to be done, but it needs to be efficient. Simple – let the experts do it. Yes, outsourcing is expensive, but it is good. The service providers are more efficient than you. Hence, the monitory cost of them doing it would be lesser than you doing it. This may be a little difficult to agree upon because of the intangible nature of the value. Nevertheless, that’s a fact.

We have been talking about the fact that associations need to outsource event management for greater efficiency. There are players, who have technology-based event-support-systems. However, the problem with them is fragmentation. If you can get registration/ticketing support from one player, you may have to go for in-venue support to someone else. This makes it murkier. Now, you need more heads to keep track of each of these systems, and that’s far from efficiency.

It is exactly in this exact scenario that Explara enters.

But how so? Because it addresses the very deficiency – fragmentation. Explara is a holistic event management paradigm, which manages the entire lifecycle of your events – from registration to post-event-surveys. This is what was needed in the first place – somebody to replace all human efforts.

Let’s get into some of the more amazing benefits in the Explara ecosystem, which are immensely helpful for smoothening events.

  • Registration/ Ticketing

Explara provides you with easy tools to set up a customized event page. You can decide whether to designate it as a free event, where attendees just need to register, or to put a ticket price to it. If you decide to apply a discounted pricing, based on a campaign or some other basis, the Explara ecosystem is helpful enough for that.

  • RSVPs

People are so fickle. You know the pains in putting together stuff. Potential attendees don’t. Esp., if it’s a free event, they may register and not turn up. To ease this pain to an extent, Explara integrates the RSVP and cancellation system with the registrations, so that you have a fair idea of who’s going to turn up.

In a way, once you set up your event page, your worries about keeping track of attendees and their details are taken care of.

  • Travel And Accommodation

Let’s say; you want to take hospitality to its next level. You also want to help your attendees with their accommodation bookings and travel bookings, so that they don’t have to worry about these aspects separately. Explara empowers you to provide such services to your attendees through its system. See, Explara’s holistic operations covers not only your direct concerns; it stretches farther than that.

  • In-Venue Management

So, until the actual event, it’s pretty well sorted. But that’s not all.

How do you ascertain the identity of attendees on the event-day? Do you manually look at each ID and process entry passes? Do you have physical entry passes, ready for all, and then you manually look for it and hand it over to the attendee in question? And how do you handle multiple entry-points?

That’s a bit overwhelming!

Explara makes it look like a seamlessly woven cloth! Entry-regulators at each gate can ascertain identities of attendees with the Explara mobile app. All apps are synced to the database. Hence, there is no question of disruption due to multiple devices.

  • Participant Surveys

Similar to any other experience, you would like to collect information about, how attendees felt about the event and their suggestions for improvement. You may also want to survey some other pressing issue, related to the topic of discussion. This feature is incorporated in the Explara ecosystem.

  • Centralized Control

Despite so much of complexity due to the inclusion of multiple useful features, Explara is easy and simple because of the centralization, incorporated in its architecture. One can have a glimpse of all the statistics from the centralized dashboard and make relevant human interventions whenever required, to smoothen rough edges.

In short, Explara aims to do everything under the Sun, concerning events. Someone wants to invite people, one can do it. Someone wants to raise ticket money, yes. Someone wants to regulate the inflow of attendees, available. Survey, document submission… yes to all! Everything is taken care of. This is the broad philosophy of Explara. Do you still think, Explara won’t be a good fit for your committee or alumni association or casual meetup group? Well, think again. But tell us why by commenting below.

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