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How to drive greater ROI in business by conducting smarter events?

‘Exposure’ is the key to every successful business story.

It is highly imperative for every business to make its potential clients/ customers well aware of its product/service to make the whole endeavor a commercial success.  This awareness has to be executed with the help of specific marketing strategies unless your company is already under the industry radar. For, without the help of such a detailed plan to reach out to your targeted audience, your prospects may miss out on the spectacular offerings that you are providing. With that, your business is continuously losing out on opportunities to progress and succeed.  

A well-planned marketing strategy provides your business with a wide latitude to be discovered faster and to drive ROI.

Constructing and establishing a robust online impression through various mediums, on your audience is a fundamental part of any marketing journey. SEO, SMM, and other aspects of digital marketing are not emerging trends anymore; they are proven methods to successfully reaching out to your prospects. They are the basis for any stable, reliable brand image. But, amidst this digital interactions, we often cease to remember the fact that ‘in-person communications’ are still a powerful tool to forge strong and vital relationships.

But how can we drive a similar ROI as that of one driven by a robust digital marketing strategy in a face-to-face interaction? How can we bring together ‘greater reach’ and ‘effective in-person interaction’? How do we make the communications personal and yet reach out to a more massive crowd while sustaining the original essence of the message that is to be conveyed?


Yes. Tradeshows, conferences, expos, seminars, workshops, etc. allow you to meet your customers and prospects in the real world and interact with them.

They also provide excellent opportunities such as:

  1. High-quality touch points with prospects
  1. Building trust with clients and making your brand appear more friendly and accessible
  1. Giving customers unique and memorable experiences with your business

But the key to getting these benefits is that you have to create an experience that attendees want to participate in, not something that feels tedious or unproductive.

Pulling-off a decent event even with all the effort you put in it, itself is a tedious task. But with the right know-how and the right mindset, you can execute an event appropriately with the desired results.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Creating value first, then sell. Create an event where attendees want to be there and are getting something positive out of it. The rest will follow.
  • Maintain consistency across the board! Your customers’ face to face experience with your brand should be the same experience they have with your online presence.
  • Keep it fresh! You need to be willing to continually improve your events, innovating and adding content that keeps it relevant and valuable. Attendees go through a lot of trouble to attend an event- if you don’t make it worth their while, they won’t come back, and they’ll have a negative experience.

The bottom line is that events add tremendous value to your business and establish some long lasting loyal relationships.

Organizing a compelling event is a not an easy task. It involves a lot of mechanical labor that is extremely time-consuming. You need to pay attention to several details that combined, play vital roles in the success of the event.  While your primary motive behind conducting the event is to create awareness and actually interact and understand your customer’s needs, you are stuck amidst the chaos that surrounds any event management.

You as the organizer is often haunted by several questions such as– Will the venue be available on time?

Are the guests comfortable with the venue? And if so, have they accommodated themselves comfortably?

Will the food arrive in time? Etc.

It is indeed commendable that you are concerned about the event as a whole. But the question is, do you really need to be? Can you not focus on other aspects of your business than rather pitching in the extra time which may not be very necessary?

But how do we efficiently dodge this pain while we get the work done? The answer is – Get the professionals to do it.

There is a myriad of tech-based support systems in the market that can assist you with the event. But what most of them lack is a unified system where all aspects of event management are taken care of under one single umbrella.

This is where Explara stands out.

Be it registrations, ticketing, travel, and accommodation, venue management or the most crucial aspect of all – Database; every single detail under the sun about an event is automated and is centrally controlled by a single unit called Explara!

We are all wise people thriving to succeed in our endeavors, and we chose what is right for our success. How about we make a right decision again?

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