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How to make Your Event Mobile App more relevant and interesting?

Events industry has seen a huge and continuous growth over the years. Companies spend millions on events as they provide them a huge marketing platform, possibility to interact directly with customers, allow them to showcase their products, network with clients and a chance to get sponsors and investors.

So, it is only natural that they want people attending the event to get complete experience and information of the event and keep them up to date. Event Mobile Apps provide them the option to do just that. This is already a huge trend in the international spaces and is only now picking up in India.

Event organizers are trying to stay abreast of each other by getting a customized mobile app with their own branding to get an edge over others.

Apart from basic event details, some of the features that are especially useful for attendees and organizers are:

– Networking: Best Mobile app providers provide this exceptional feature which allows people to chat with each other, create groups, have discussions and network with other attendees. It is just like having Whatsapp exclusively for the event app, where attendees can chat, share images, videos, contacts, location, etc.

– Social Media feed: Most of the apps let you integrate your social media platforms like Facebook & Twitter. The effort you are putting in on social media platforms would not go to waste as the attendees will be able to see these posts from within the app, even if they are not following you on that particular platform.

– View Profile: Attendees can view a profile of other attendees, speakers, participants, sponsors, admins, etc. Mostly these are available in different tabs to categorize the type of attendees. This is relevant information for them as they can plan to network after viewing someone’s profile or know whom to reach out to if they have any questions.

– Live polling: An event app is not an event app unless it lets you take feedback and live polling from the attendees. Real-time feedback goes a long way for the organizer and also keeps the attendee engaged.

– Rewards: Make your app more relevant and the event more interesting by introducing a competition where attendees can get points by taking required actions within app or visiting a particular booth, exhibitor or attending a session. The person with the most points can get a reward.

– Tickets & Registrations: Once you’ve decided to get an app for your event, you should enable tickets and registrations to be purchased from within the app. As the attendees start getting more interested in the event by clicking through the app, don’t lose out on time and let them buy tickets and registrations from within the app itself.

– Works Offline: Network issues can come up anytime and sometimes event venues also may not provide wifi. Always ensure that your mobile event app works offline as well. The app once opened lets you see the static data even when you are offline.

– Add Media & Documents: Adding images & videos provides more information as well as make it more interesting. Additional documents like brochures, floorplans, partners, exhibitors and sponsors info can be added as well.

– Notifications: Make sure the app that you get for your event lets you send free notifications to all the people who have downloaded your app. A push notification usually can include text as well as an image.

Depending on your event, conference or tradeshow, you may have additional requirements. Always check with your Event App builder as most of them can usually accommodate requests for additional features and customization.

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