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Leveraging Influencer Marketing for Event Promotion

It’s pretty clear that influencer marketing is here to stay. More than 73% of marketers allocate budgets for influencer marketing, it is no longer a question of whether it’s an effective strategy or not, but rather, it’s a question of how you can make the most of this tactic to increase business growth.

Influencers are mostly industry experts who have amassed a huge following on their chosen digital platforms. Influencer-generated content is mostly used by brands to promote products or services.  

Whether it’s a fundraising event or a new product launch, promoting it to the relevant audience will increase its chances of success. Influencers can help add an authentic feel to your marketing campaign and create an online buzz for your event, helping you reach people and potential attendees within your niche or community.

To reap the benefits of influencer marketing, you can start by:

Determining Your Target Audience

Prior to searching for an influencer to collaborate with, you should know the type of followers or community you want to reach. What type of event attendees do you want to target? Where does your target audience spend most of their time online? 

Doing thorough research on your audience’s online activities will also help you identify what type of influencer is best suited for your campaign. If you’re targeting many potential attendees for a public event, your best bet is to collaborate with macro-influencers or celebrities. If your goal is to increase engagement online, on the other hand, micro-influencers are the ideal option.

Asking the Influencer to Post Pre-Event Content

Influencers are social media experts. They know what to post to generate engagement and drive people to take action. Your event can reap the benefits of improved online visibility by asking the influencer to publish promotional content, including details such as the date and location. If it’s an invite-only event, ask them to post an image of the invitation to give off a level of exclusivity.

Sharing the Event with the Influencer’s Followers

To boost authenticity and generate engagement, allow the influencer’s followers to have an immersive experience or at least a sneak peek of the event that is currently taking place. The influencer could take photos and upload them on Facebook and other social media platforms, host a live video, or share Instagram stories. This maximizes social coverage and reach.

Publishing Post-Event Content

Sharing images or videos after the event is also important if you want to reach a new audience and attract more people to attend your next public event. Make sure to post engaging, high-quality content that will drive people to take notice. This also helps establish the credibility of your campaign.

Final Notes

Whether it is a conference, fundraiser, invite-only party, or a public event, promoting it online via an influencer adds a level of authenticity and helps widen your audience reach. So consider factors such as engagement rate, quality of content, and type of followers before choosing your influencer.

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As an event host, have you used influencer marketing for your events? You are most welcome to share your inputs.

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This post is co-authored by Andriana Moskovska of Smallbizgenius and Santosh Panda of Explara.



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