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Own Your Community Beyond Meetup: The Best Alternative that works!

We wrote in Nov 2017 soon after WeWork’s acquisition of Meetup that there is likely an issue with Meetup’s business model.

With Meetup’s absurd pricing changes (, all your efforts in building your group, growing, and nurturing members is now a great opportunity for Meetup to start monetizing your data.

Even if Meetup lets you use the platform for free, your data is already in multiple hands with WeWork acquisition and inconsistent business model. 

Introducing Explara Community

Explara platform started in 2008 helps people to bring people together through events, communities, causes, and passionate endeavors.

We at Explara believe our customers should build thriving communities that can outlive any platform.

Benefits with Explara Community

Explara helps you manage both membership and any events (free, paid, invitation-only, member-only) in a single platform. 

Explara helps you to collect member information to deliver richly personalized experiences efficiently. Meetup doesn’t let you derive your own data insights.

Explara’s solutions not only help you reach out to your previous attendees but also helps you re-engage them in your new events. Data management is just one part of the whole platform, making the best use of it is re-engaging your audience.

With Explara, you can offer a custom join form for members, and this allows you to collect relevant /extra information to ensure you know more about your members. You own your data, including email id and full data of your members.

Easily engage your members, post photos & videos, send emails, notifications, invitations, and build a network of focused and like-minded enthusiasts.

Explara lets you grow your community in your terms (your community terms). 

Increased DIY/self-served usage by members, which will help you to run a lean operation to manage the community.

Reduces efforts to manage 1000 or 10,000s of members and community operation due to predefined workflows, automation, team collaboration modules, and configurations.

Reduce your cost (with all-in-one for the event, membership and more)

Make more money due to better predictability models, data insights on membership engagement, renewal, reduced efforts due to automation, and high productivity tools.

Features in Explara Community

Explara is easy to use. You get LOT more value vs. Meetup with features such as 

  • Group/Community Website (Theme examples)
  • Map your domain (e.g.,
  • Membership Join (allow anyone  to join/moderated)
  • Event Registration (automated validation of your member email id)
  • Payment Processing (for paid events/meets )
  • Email Templates
  • Facebook App (Link your community page on your Facebook page)
  • Member Engagement
    • Discussion Board (threaded conversations)
    • Image Gallery
    • Video Gallery
    • Social Media
    • Event Calendar
    • Member Notification (send a notification to members)
    • Share Documents (member-specific document)

Explara is a fully GDPR /data privacy compliant system. 

Trusted. Passionate.

Explara has been helping 1000s of communities to build their homes using Explara Community. For example, TiE hosts communities in 64 cities in 20 countries, Singapore FinTech hosts a thriving community of financials professionals, IEEE hosts several communities and so on.

Explara team is an incredible team with rich industry experience and passion for serving customers to succeed in their endeavors. We have been highly appreciated for our passion!

And it’s 100% free to create your account today to Shift From Meetup to Explara.

#CloseMeetup #OwnCommunity

PS: We respect Meetup as a company, and people behind, but considering millions of customers are getting affected, we are sharing this post in the right competitive spirit. If you have any concerns or thoughts, please do share.



Santosh Panda

Co-founder & CEO

Explara offers a suite of software products for Event Ticketing & Registration, Online Selling & Payment Solution, Crowdfunding & Donation, and Community & Membership. 

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