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Product Positioning- Explara Features as Movies

Movies, they are so much fun. And sometimes we even feel, how wonderful would it be if everyone talked the language of movies.

So, as a part of our Product Positioning exercise, we thought what would each of Explara’s product features be if they were to be compared to a Movie… Sounded fun, but it took us over a week and a great deal of brainstorming to arrive at  what we came up with.

Custom Registration Page

You must be wondering, why “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”. Well, here is why. Every movie we watch leaves us with a very strong emotion; pathos, ecstatic, scared… But not “Best exotic marigold…”. This one will leave you with mixed feelings, just like when you are Customizing your Event page. You are thrilled, you are scared, you are emotional.

Welcome on board!

Payout Transfer

It is a known fact in the event industry that the most painful part of conducting an event is the Payouts time. Several ticketing platforms make the organizers and operators wait for months after the events to disburse the payouts.

Well, not the case with Explara. Explara has a stringent policy of disbursing the Payouts within 3 days of the event. Several large scale events even receive payouts on the go, as the tickets are purchased.

You are bound to feel as powerful, if not evil as Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather as you receive Payouts. Good enough an offer you cant refuse Don?

Explara Widget

You can seed the idea and make your customers buy your Event’s tickets, in the middle of a blog they are reading or from your facebook page or from a button on your website.

That’s the control Explara’s widget will give you, that of Inception. You will need a totem to believe it.

Explara Emailers

Organizing an event, your battle is not won until you have sold all your tickets. And this my friends is as tough as fighting the Persian Army.

Explara has the most powerful dashboard equipped to fight the toughest of Event battles. You can, not just send mailers to thousands of your target customers, re-target your attendees from your previous events, but also target customers with interest in your vertical on Explara’s user base.

“It’s an honor to fight by your side Leonidas”.

Attendee Management

Remember Charles Xavier’s Cerebro from Xmen? That’s what Explara’s dashboard does; connects all the scattered nodal elements of your Event.

People who have used it, admit, it is one of the most powerful dashboards in the Event Industry. Enough Said.

Explara Reports

Now Deductions are no more detective’s job. Explara’s reports give you finest details on your events.

Average age group of your attendees? How many of your guests have tagged their friends along to the event? Or Where does that gentleman in the first row work? …

Nothing can escape you Sherlock.

Explara Community

In another world Minions are the Heros. They are Fun. And you will need a lot of them to be Gru like.

Explara Community is a very unique platform that will bring the world to you. Moon is your limit. 🙂


Upcoming blog: Marvel and Explara.

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Team Explara

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