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Advancement of the new Explara- Compare Explara with others

Advancement of the new Explara- Compare Explara with others

This update release marks the advancement of the new Explara platform post upgrade. Expect the changes to help you achieve operational as well as marketing excellence in all your online event management endeavors across Pre-Event, Event Day and Post Event timelines. As each feature evolves with a smarter upgrade, organizers get to increase the beauty of their event experiences not just online, but also in the real world.

Group & Memberships Management for building and growing communities have been the most preferred product this month. Organizers have found Group & Memberships Management product beneficial to not only build regular attendance for their weekly, monthly & yearly events using engagement features but also nurturing the focused set of people contributing to focused topics on multiple gathering.

Refer to the following updates to make the most of Explara Platform:

  1. Check out how Explara Stacks up Against Eventbrite, Peatix, Meetup and more players and Stands out in every aspect in the Comparison pages.
  2. API documentation has been added in the Explara Developers Page for helping developers with easy integrations on the digital & social media assets/ websites of their events, groups, associations, alumni, and more.

Group & Membership:

  1. Organizers can now create & customize membership forms specific to each membership plan they have so that the right form could appear upon selecting a particular plan in front of the members/ potential members.
  2. Upon clicking on Manage tab of a particular member in any of the Members list, the interface of the “Edit Membership” option has been updated.
  3. Now the organizers have an option to automatically add new attendees, members who purchase tickets for events, memberships for groups respectively to the Contact Manager.
  4. Now the organizers have the option to Edit Tax Details & Download Invoice for each member from Finance details tab under the Reports.
  5. Organizers can now see details of a member on his/ her profile page visible to the public.

Event Ticketing/ Registration:

  1. Organizers now have the option to download check-in data and absentee data from Event Manager.

  2. Sell more tickets/ registrations with the fresh & effective interface of all the types of Landing Pages of Events and Event Ticket Confirmation.

  3. Now the organizer can track City & State of each attendee from the performance marketing reports with the help of IP addresses of each member who signs up.
  4. “Resend invitation” option has been added to the Invitation list option so that organizers can Re-send the invitation email to the attendees individually as well as in bulk.
  5. Now organizers have the option to Edit Tax Details in Pending Offline Payment List

Submix Paper Submission:

  1. Organizers now have the option to send an email to themselves along with the author every time an Abstract is added.
  2. With each field by the organizer added in the abstract list, the list dynamically shows the data beyond certain characters in the right panel.
  3. Organizers now have the option “Assign Reviewers” for assigning reviewers to review the single or multiple Abstracts.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas about the new upgrades in comments, we may even release a discount for the best comment. Try us for free. Book a 30-minute demo today.

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