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How to promote your event mobile app?

Our last blog talked about how to make your event mobile app more interesting and engaging for the attendees and prove useful for the organizers.

Now that your hard work has come to fruition and your app looks absolutely fantastic with all the media, event information, speaker data, sponsor images and what not. You can’t believe that this pretty thing has come out of your own imagination and creativity (and your app builder’s too, but let’s not share the credit!). It is time for you to promote it and make sure it gets maximum downloads. Promoting the app is a responsibility which lies solely with the organizer.

Here are some surprisingly simple steps you can take that come with no additional costs, which will make your app quite popular amongst the event attendees:

Pre Event: It is very important that you expose the app to your targeted audience as much as possible in the pre-event stage. When they will see it everywhere, their curiosity and interest will be piqued. This in turn will lead to more downloads.

  1. Promote through registration page and the event website: People attending the event may not be aware that you have created an app. Make it more visible by providing a direct link to download the app on the registration page and also on the event website, so people can take action immediately. Including a list of benefits of downloading the app like networking, regular updates/feed, maps, images, speaker data, rewards, etc, will entice the attendees to go for it.
  2. Include the app info in all the brochures, guides and leaflets: All the paper work you are printing out should include information about the app. Also include it in downloadable PDFs, tickets, brochures, guides. The more you familiarize attendees with the app, it is more likely that they will be interested to download it.
  3. Utilize the power of social media: Use social media platforms to promote the app. Make people more aware by rounding up the benefits of the app, sharing images of the app and providing links to download it.
  4. Reach out via Email: Most of the apps give you the feature of sending bulk emails by uploading the list of attendees. You can customize your email, include the download link and reap its fruits.
  5. Points for using the app: You can give out points to the users for using an app feature of your choice. If you want people to view a particular speaker’s profile or view a particular session information in the app, you can introduce a point system for clicking through these features. This way people can start collecting points even before the event has started.

During Event: This is the time when attendees are most interested in the event. Make most of this enthusiasm and energy and get them to download the app by displaying it around the venue, have people talk about it and engage attendees in real time.

  1. Make most of QR Codes and posters: Ask your event app builder to provide you a QR code which the attendees can just scan and download the app. Put up this QR code on the posters and standees which are going to be displayed all over the venue. This will give ample opportunity to attendees to download the app.
  2. Talk about the app in the introductory session: Now that you’ve got everyone at the venue, all excited to get the event started, this is the time to spread the word and get immediate results. You may be starting your event with a cocktail hour, a keynote speaker or a large group intro. Whatever way you choose to start off your event, make sure you ask the attendees to download the app with specific instructions in this kick-off announcement. Not just in the intro, you can also request the speakers to mention the app in their sessions and have people download it.
  3. Provide features and experiences available only through App: If you provide features and experiences which are exclusively available through the app, people will be more motivated to download it. You can encourage speakers to interact with attendees in the app, take live voting during an interactive session, these experiences will drive attendee engagement and ensure new downloads.
  4. Reward Points: You can boost attendee engagement by giving out points for attending a particular session or visiting an exhibitor booth. You can put up QR codes at these locations and once the attendee scans it, they will get points. The feeling of competition and the urge to get maximum points will motivate the attendees to visit all these locations which you choose.
  5. Push Notifications: Push notification lets you send live alerts to the attendees who have downloaded the app. You can roll out announcements in real time like upcoming activities, schedule updates, room changes, etc. These regular updates keep the attendees glued to the app and they can actually see the benefit of having it – like knowing that an upcoming session has been moved from Room 5 to Room 6 or that a new VIP networking session has been added to the schedule is a huge advantage.
  6. Have your team use the app actively: No other form of promotion is going to work if your team is not using the app actively. Make sure all of your team from management, to presenters to check-in staff, are using it during the event and helping attendees through the app if they have a question – You want to know who is addressing a particular session, show them in the app how to pull up a session and see the speaker’s bio. Not sure which stall a particular exhibitor is at? Show them how to pull up exhibitor and their info. The more your app feels like an important part of the event, the better.

Post Event: Now that the event is over and you’ve had time to take a breath or two of relaxation, get back to work and make sure people do not forget the event they just attended. Engage with your attendees while their memory is still fresh from the event.

  1. Announce Rewards: Your attendees have been participating in the event and using the app, it is now time to pat them on the back. You can announce the winner through the app and give out rewards to the person with maximum points. It could be a free ticket to your next event, shopping vouchers or anything of your choice.
  2. Send appreciation announcement: A few hours or days after the event gets over (depending on how tired you are), you can send a personalized “thank you” message to all the attendees through your app. This will simply pull them back in the app and you can show them the attendee directory, networking opportunities, etc.
  3. Talk about upcoming events: If you have an upcoming event, give a heads up to your attendees via the app. Chances are if they liked your event and are aware that you are coming up with another event, they will keep the app and not delete it the moment event gets over.
  4. Sponsors & Promotions: If you keep posting relevant data on the app it will keep the users engaged. You may have a sponsor program that is relevant for the users, or if you have any promotion only for the app users – maybe a discount code for your upcoming events- these activities will keep the traffic up in between events and you can also reach out to this target audience throughout the year.



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