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Quick Event Ideas to Boost Restaurant Revenue

Slow periods in restaurants are the most dreaded and unproductive parts of a restauranter’s life. You can turn this around by introducing a little metaphorical spice into the average customer’s dining experience and your restaurant revenue; through events.

Experiences are fun, engaging and much more appealing than a meal spent thumbing a smartphone. Events give your guests a chance to unwind, and enjoy themselves while giving more value for money.

Thus, hosting regular events at your restaurant ensures Revenue = Boosted.


We’re going out on a limb and say that you may be mildly interested in increasing your restaurant revenue through events by now. So here’s a list of some quick and easy to implement event ideas for your sluggish weekdays.


Sports Night

If you have a nice, boring stretch of wall and a great match around the corner, host a Sports Night with a fixed cover for a couple of rambunctious hours of deep drinking, finger food and hoarse throats.



Reports of an alarming rise in bathroom singers have been coming in for the past few years. Karaoke nights are a great event on any night. Music lovers. Need we say more?


Wine Tastings

If you have a good collection of wines and a menu to match, host a wine tasting. The chance to try out different wines and learn how to appreciate wine properly is a great attraction.


Theme Nights

Theme Night Thursdays has a nice ring to it. Nothing too overt, but you could have a 60’s music night or a special 80’s menu. Get creative.


Special Nights

Lover’s Nights with candlelit dinners for couples or Corporate Tuesdays with special packages for corporate professionals could really hit the sweetspot.


Boost restaurant revenue quickly with minimum fuss and through regular events. Of course, hosting events no one knows about doesn’t really work so well. Fortunately there’s an easy fix for that. List out your events on Explara and get immediate access to over 600,000 regular users in each city. You get a bunch of Marketing and Promotion thrown in for good measure.



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