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Mahabharata Event

The Mahabharata With Event Ticketing!


Organizing an event requires a subtle art of grace, patience and artistry. There is no dearth of manpower, talented professionals and skilled personnel to roll out a seamless event in today’s world and to top that, a technology that aids and understands your event and its requirements and accordingly provides a platform is an added advantage that will assist in hassle free execution.

Sometimes, it makes us wonder how the world even functioned without it before the advent of technology and applications. What if historic events could use present day technology?

How about epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata? How different would things be if event ticketing platforms could be used in the Mahabharata? Sure, it sounds bizarre but it definitely is an interesting idea to explore.

Let’s see how some of the iconic moments of Mahabharata may have been different were they technology assisted.

Uttara-Abhimanyu Wedding

King Virata realized he had unknowingly hired the Pandavas as workers in his palace when they were on exile incognito and upon finding out, his daughter – Princess Uttara – was then married to Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu.

Come to think of it, the wedding of Uttara and Abhimanyu may have been a whole lot smoother with the help of ‘Group Registration’ feature.

If only Arjuna could notify everyone back at home in Dwarka about the forthcoming wedding, Krishna, Balarama, Subhadra, Abhimanyu’s cousins could all group register for the wedding without any complications.

Karna Meeting Duryodhana

Dronacharya arranged a friendly tournament that would provide a platform for the participants to show off their talents and abilities. Karna turned up uninvited to this match unaware that only Kuru princes were allowed to participate.

Had Dronacharya made the tournament an ‘Invite Only’ event, Karna would never have been able to come to the tournament and ended up meeting and befriending Duryodhana and eventually fighting in the final battle against the Pandavas.

Draupadi Swayamvara

Mahabharata Event

The Swayamvara of Draupadi is one of the most popular and iconic events in the epic of Mahabharata. King Drupada of Panchala announced the Swayamvara of his daughter Draupadi that princes from far and wide attended.

In order to win his daughter’s hand in marriage, one had to shoot the eye of a wooden fish stuck on a revolving pole; aiming at it by looking at the reflection of the fish in a pool of water at the bottom of the pole. All the princes failed to complete this task, leaving Drupada distraught over his daughter’s marriage.

If only Drupada could add the ‘Waiting List’ feature to the event, he could have known that Arjuna disguised as a Brahman was waiting to complete the task and that they had not yet tested all the men there were.

Dhritarashtra Unable to Attend Kurukshetra War

Dhritarashtra was unable to attend the war of Kurukshetra due to his sightlessness and so he had to depend on his charioteer and adviser, Sanjaya, to find out what’s happening at the war.

If only Dhritarashtra could use the ‘RSVP Cancellation’ feature to intimate the Kauravas and others about his absence and keep them well informed.

Also, with the help of the ‘Mobile Access’ feature he could have easily kept himself updated about every little detail of what was going on at Kurukshetra even without being there and having to depend on someone else.

For all we know, we could have been reading the Mahabharata all different if this were possible.


Credit for the feature image and Draupadi Swayamvara: Mukesh Singh

By Asha Mavinasara



Team Explara

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