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A New Era of Explara

The New Era at Explara!

This update’s release, marks the new era at Explara. For the last 6 months, We have been working on the new platform interface and experience to enable and empower different event organizers to do meaningful work on great causes, create great content, and build communities to bring people together.

Here are the updates we have made on the platform which makes for a whole new Explara experience:

New Homepage represents the start of the new era at Explara. We Empower people around the world to create the best event experiences, also help them increase ROI. Go the Explara way.

The new pricing packages of Explara – Introducing the brand new Event, Membership and Meeting cloud bundles that suit your needs. Start with a Free Trial to try out all our products. No Credit Card Required.

Create Event in one-page flow – Create events in less than 2 minutes in the single page flow.

Create Event multi-page flow – Create events by filing information stepwise and you can go back to edit. Make sure you have everything in check.

Edit Event Interface – Introducing the new interface for editing events faster and in a beautiful way.

Tax Report in Buyer List – Get the complete tax details of the ticket/ registration purchases each buyer has done. You will be able to see it in the list view as well as when you export it to Excel.

Activity log now lets you track event creation, event updates, addition/ update of the venues, event tabs, attach/ remove groups, create/ edit/ delete tickets and much more.

The New interface of reports lets you track all the reports with ease. Search, download, sort for and entries per page for reports are newly added. Visualize the reports in the list view and graph view to draw useful insights for upgrading the experience of your events. We have updated the complete interface of the reports overview where you will find sorting options for each report.

User’s Query in Event – Now you can manage queries from the attendees with a new interface of User Query module under the Support tab.

Pending Offline Payment in Event – Now you can manage and complete pending offline payments faster & better with the new interface.

Invitation List in Event – Now you can curate attendee invitations in the invitation with a smarter interface in place.

Pending Invitation Request in Event – The new interface of pending invitation request in event lets you manage event invitation request using search, download and sort options.

Subscribe – Unsubscribe Email in Contact Manager – You can now get your audience to subscribe to your newsletters using Subscription forms. Your subscribers can unsubscribe as well as resubscribe to your mailing lists.

Explara’s event technology is built for the world to nurture sustainability and foster growth. Try us for free. Book a 20-minute demo today.

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