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Why you can’t afford to ignore SEO for your next event


SEO is not a new word in any digital marketer’s vocab. But did you know that in today’s era of online ticketing SEO is all the more relevant for events as well? It is a simple calculation – the better your SEO game, higher you rank in search results which means more traffic which in turn means more attendees for your event.

Although everyone knows what Search engine optimization or SEO means, for the uninitiated it basically refers to the process of improving the position of your webpage in the organic search results returned by search engines such as Google.

It is all about predicting the kind of keywords that might be used by your target audience while they are searching for your brand/business and making sure your pages reflect those.

Apart from keywords, title of the page, number of legitimate links and the words in the links also account for the final position of your page.

How will SEO help your event?

1. SEO starts with category

SEO Event

If you have to participate in a marathon, your first natural Google reflex would be to type ‘marathon’ in the search bar, that is the category keyword.

Now, if you are on the other side organizing that marathon, proper SEO would ensure that no matter what the end user will type after the category keyword (date, location etc.) your event will show up on top.

2. Early bird gets the worm

SEO Events

It’s practically a warzone out there and if you want your event to be a success story you have to start early. Start engaging with your target audience early by using SEO. Three months in advance is a great practice.

It will ensure that the event has already made a mark on their mind and that the event turns up in the top results whenever they search for it using different keywords.

3. Compete or perish

SEO for Events

Multiple events of the same kind, all vying for the same audience and all of them online. How to survive? SEO is the answer here as well. The better your SEO, the higher you are in the search results. It is natural user behavior to choose the top appearing event.

Be on top or lose out.

4. Don’t be invisible to your audience

SEO for your Event

No matter how awesome your event is if you are not visible to your target audience nothing will matter. Millions of users come to Google everyday looking for answers to various questions. If your business or event is the answer you need to be there staring back at them from the top search results.

5. Brand Recall 

SEO for Events

When the audience sees you everywhere they recognize your brand. They will start to associate your name with your event. That is the power SEO holds. It will not only help in the current event but for the future events as well.


Explara can help you with all this and more. With a huge monthly footfall of over 500 thousand users coming to the site, Explara has incomparable domain authority. Listing your event on Explara will help you share that authority and increase your searchability on all leading search engines manifold.

Explara uses a multi-pronged strategy to highlight your event to the fullest. With its targeted promotion and intelligent placement your event will be on the top search results in no time.



By Sonam Gulati




Team Explara

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