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You Uploaded Your Event on Explara. Then What?

Creating your event is the first and last step we want you to take on the Explara platform. Why? Because at Explara, we believe in going beyond run-of-the-mill event ticketing solutions.

We advertise it enough; ‘Not Just Event Ticketing’. And Explara is not just an event ticketing platform, but a 360 degree event ticketing solution that lets you Create, Promote and Manage your event with minimum fuss.

But what does this mean? Really?

A 360 degree event platform sounds cool, and for a lot of organizers, just too good to be true. Why is that, though? Why is it something we emphasize on so much?

Think about any of your past events (that weren’t managed on Explara, of course).

If we asked you to list down everything that did NOT work out, you probably have a list ready, being great at what you do and keen to learn from your mistakes – the blue-eyed wonders you all are.

Now let’s try a different exercise. List down everything you feel you could have improved on.

Here’s the top 4 areas our clients felt could have been improved:

  1. Sales Management
  2. Reach & Engagement
  3. Marketing & Promotion
  4. Payouts

And there’s your definition of Explara’s 360 degree event ticketing solutions. We work to improve key processes and systems that are the underlying contributors to these 4 problem areas.

In fact, most of Explara’s features are based on simplifying the process for you as the end user while pushing all of the heavy lifting to our platform and our powerful engines driving Personalization and Discovery.

This lets you drive your event while we work on innovative solutions to optimize your process online. After all, as Rehan Waris says,

‘Multilevel Multitasking multiplied multiple times is successful event management’

Explara Multitasking – Level 2.0

Ready to dig in and find out how Explara really helps you in these 4 areas? Here we go.

Sales Management

Managing revenue for your event is a full time thing. If you want to do it properly, that is. One of the key features Explara provides here is your Organizer Dashboard.

Explara Dashboard

The Organizer Dashboard lets you track your daily ticket sales with a click of the button. It provides an overview of your inventory that will give you all the vitals at a glance; Number of registrations, Revenue generated and Number of hits on your event.

You can also check out a detailed report on your sales, registrations, revenue, cancellations, refunds and refund requests, while keeping an eye on how much you’re spending on transaction fees across payment types.  


We’re almost certain you’ve faced some difficulty as an Event Organizer when it comes to handling discounts. While Offline is a veritable nightmare in this case, setting up online discounts for your events is sometimes a much bigger hassle.

Normally, one sets up discounts and discount codes for 1 of 2 reasons:

  • You want to know where your attendee traffic is coming from so you can optimize your outreach and promotion channels for your next event
  • “Stuff that, I want to sell more tickets!”

If it’s the second reason for you, you really want to stick around for the next bit. If it’s the first, you’re in for a treat. Explara lets you see (literally) which code was used, how many times, the discount type and who opted for it.

“Stuff that, I want to sell more tickets!”

That wasn’t too long a wait, was it?

Your Tickets, Our Buyers.

40% of all event tickets sold on Explara are bought by repeat users. What this effectively means is that there’s a ready set of potential attendees actively scouring our platform looking for events just like yours.

“How can I be sure my event reaches them?” a.k.a Reach & Engagement

Good question, not-so-good memory. Explara doesn’t provide run-of-the-mill solutions, remember?

Explara has developed a powerful Personalization and Discovery Engine that picks up your event as soon as it’s loaded on the platform, identifies the category and subcategory tags and pushes it straight to the feed of our profiled users and your loyal fans.

Think of User Profiling as automating the generation of your Buyer Personas. Our engines categorize users based on their interests, browsing patterns, buying cycles, purchasing capacity and a number of parameters that we wouldn’t like to bore you with.  

Also, we’re growing our user base everyday. That 40%? That’s not fixed. Far from it, in fact. We’re working towards creating an environment where, before you know it, your event will be sold out within 24 hours of listing! #StatisticsWin.

Explara Communities

Explara Communities

The thing is, our team is never satisfied. When we find something that works, we quickly set it up and move on to create something better. Communities is one such endeavor.

Ever faced the problem where you just didn’t know how to classify your event? Let alone finding attendees for your event-niche?

Explara Communities lets you set up your own page, add your own events, host your own discussions, re-engage your past audience and community members for upcoming events and generally kill it through sheer engagement.

Hold on, we aren’t done yet. Marketing & Promotion? We own that stuff.

We’re 360. Just in case your potential attendees somehow missed your event in their feed, you can be sure they won’t miss it in our newsletters, dedicated mailers and Mobile App push notifications.

Still not enough? We got more.

Social Media is this fantastic tool / platform / stuffyoucantlivewithout that lets you leverage untold numbers of potential event ticket buyers through relatively simple means at a reasonable price.

Organic posts are usually enough with our massive and growing following. But we also deliver on paid advertisements and boosted content in case you’d like to sell out as soon as possible and enjoy a drink while you’re at it.

Explara paid Marketing

We haven’t even gotten to the good stuff yet.

Sometimes you need a little something extra to really get your event out there. Not always, just enough for us to pick up on it and introduce Event Performance Marketing or EPM, for short.

It could be the launch of a new event that you’re hoping will grow into an event powerhouse. It could also be the scaling of an event into different cities where you do not have an existing customer base.

Whatever the reason, EPM makes sure all your event Marketing and Promotion needs are covered.

How EPM works

For the hardcore who like to get their hands dirty, Explara EPM tracks and identifies your highest performing channels (channel attribution), maintains your AdWords database across keyword, set, spend, conversion and Explara Keyword Quality Rating.

EPM also tells you everything you need to know about the advertisements we run for you across all channels, post reach and engagement along with mailer conversion rates for segmented audiences targeted according to your events parameters.


Show me the money

You need to be really clear on where you stand as far as payouts go. We’ve got a completely transparent system set up just for you.

We’re Quicksilver when it comes to payouts in this industry. Your payment is processed within 2 working days of your event closing!

You can also choose how quickly you want your payouts. If you’re on a budget and need the good stuff as soon as a ticket is sold, you can just link your wallet and you’re done!

At the end of the day, there’s a few good platforms out there. A couple of great ones too. But they pale in comparison to the sheer innovation and technical support that Explara brings, and keeps bringing to the table year round.

We hope this has answered most of your questions and given you an idea of what we do and how we do it.

If you’d like to know more about the kind of solutions and services we provide, or just want to have a quick chat with us about Messi being better than Ronaldo, drop a mail on

Here’s to creating a great experience; for you and for your attendees!



Team Explara

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