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Explore-Dream-Discover are the only way a student can think of a perfect career life. But unfortunately, they fall in the huge gap between the education institutes and the Industry. That is where Acumen comes in.

Acumen is a leading service provider in Education industry. They offer exposure to the student in a way that makes them acknowledge the implementation of the education they receive. They ensure such professional development through academic centric pathways and experiential Industry visits across India.

The world is growing rapidly and learning with relevant exposure to the outside world has become a vital aspect of career development. Their Program works towards the same by promoting ‘Industry – Academia Collaboration’ via relevant Industry Visits.

Their Ed-Tech company aims to bridge the gap by our three step approach.

With our tailored educational travel we assure to push you out of the herd mentality and assist you in exploring the various choices that are available in the industry and how they would suit your skill sets and passion. Various factory visits, plant visits, company visits and Industry tours would be designed to not only enhance your pre-existing knowledge but also make you aware of where you stand at, so that you are well prepared to grab it once you finish your educational life.

Exploration leads to you to make a better informed career choice on the most famous question every college student is dreaded wit-“What after college?” With their Educational trips, they will ensure that you have the right answer and you dream big. Because when you have a Goal, the journey is half done.

Discover new opportunities in the industry by interacting with the employees , like Internship positions, research and development positions, project consultation, practical training, certification courses and more.

They customize their industry visit programs with a balanced mix of established core companies, start-ups, social enterprises, research organizations and NGOs most relevant to you. They cater to various disciplines for the same industrial sector and hence aid students in making the right choice while stepping into the industry.

All together they will provide a perfect path you can lead for professional development with the right tool like critical thinking, problem solving aptitude, collaboration and global competence.

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