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The All India Movement (AIM) for Seva is not just a 'schooling' initiative. Nor is it for merely sheltering the underprivileged. AIM for Seva is an integrated community development program, reaching out to rural and tribal children across India.

Our story began with a deep understanding of rural India’s problems: be it the commute to schools, domestic pressure or lack of extra-curricular activities in education. We thus proposed a solution that has now brought the school to the child’s doorstep: providing access, enhancing the quality of education, providing life skills and an environment that is conducive to learning: AIM for Seva Free Student Homes.

An FSH is an activity center, a classroom and a learning institute put in one. Empowering children to learn by providing them a place to live close to their schools; with a clean environment, nutritious food, schooling needs, value-based education, extra-curricular activities and much more. So that they don’t just keep up with the rest, but lead a life-ready childhood to contribute to their family, society and the country as a whole.

AIM for Seva is headquartered in Chennai with projects situated throughout India. For a list of our projects, please visit our Projects page.

AIM for Seva is funded entirely by public and private donations. Contributions to AIM for Seva are exempt from tax under Sections 35AC, 80GGA and 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

AIM for Seva’s overseas operations are present in the United States, Canada and Australia

Vision and Mission

Vision: To transform society through a network of seva, of caring, to help each child to contribute to the progress of the nation.

Mission: To reach education to every child across the nation through the concept of a Free Student Home.

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