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Brahmi Educational and Cultural Trust a registered charity dedicated to providing meaningful education to the disadvantaged rural children. 


We want to children to grow up celebrating their childhood. At Anjana we would like to focus on education they can use in their lives, exposing them to infinite possibilities of shaping their lives.

Children meet and listen to hundreds of volunteers and achievers and visitors each year, which helps them to learn by interaction.

The school programs are led by a team of extremely capable and highly motivated teachers and volunteers. Four batches of students have graduated from SSLC so far and three times we have secured 100% results.


Envisioned and sustained by Brahmi since 2001, AVK is a center for holistic education in a gurukul type setup. Currently an English medium formal school recognized by Govt. of Karnataka, it provides education to about 300 disadvantaged rural children in its preschool, primary, higher primary and high school grades (KG to 10th Grade), situated in a village about 40 km east off Bangalore. ANJANA is a platform where all sections of society have converged for the cause of educating disadvantaged rural children: land for the school donated by a local philanthropist, infrastructure with facilities contributed by charity groups and corporate donors, noon-meal in partnership with local charities and running expenses met by trustees parents.

Other initiatives by Brahmi Educational and Cultural Trust

School on Wheels- A school bus equipped with a teacher & a support staff will park near the place of work / makeshift tents and provide education to children. In due course of time parents would be urged to seek admission at Anjana Vidya Kendra or nearby schools.

Hostel for Disadvantaged Children- This is a secure plan for children of school on wheels, Initial intake 50 boys & 50 Girls. These children will be provided with shelter and facilities at Anjana School.

Nodal Science Center- Activities include weekend science experiments @ Anjana and 8 nearby high schools and about 12 primary schools. Conducting teacher training programs. Conducting science fairs, demonstration of science experiments, science and math 4 Olympiads. Developing and sustaining a lab. on wheels.

Integrated Vocational Training at Anjana-

To help those students who have an aptitude and are physically oriented over academic skills. Children at Anjana will be trained in job-oriented dress making, computers, wormicomposting, carpentry, household electrical skills. Intense coaching will be conducted during holidays and a certificate will be given to graduating students to help them get jobs.

Study Centers In (5) Villages-

Unfortunately, most children in villages suffer due to lack of right ambience at home to carryout studies. Under this scheme a teacher would maintain a study center (a large hall with a library) and help students basically to carry out their home work under guidance.

Indoor sports hall-

A large sports hall housing basket ball and shuttle badminton courts (which can also be converted to lecture hall for programs) to promote activities.

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