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MD-Paediatrics Direct admission in top medical College in Karnataka

Admission in MBBS/MD/MS/PG Diploma through management quota 

Contact us for admission through management quota

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 We are providing you direct admission in MBBS/MD/MS/BDS/ PG Diploma through management quota in top leading Private medical colleges. Our team consists of counselor, recruiters and experienced staff with years of experience in admission service.  We are a team. Having the best consulting team comprising an effective network channel to almost every private medical college in Karnataka, Maharashtra. Feel free to discuss about your career with our well versed counselors. 100%safe and genuine admission in MBBS/MD/MS/BDS/PG Diploma.

Paediatrics is the branch of Medical Courses that deals with the health care of babies, children, adolescents, and young adults from birth to age 21 years.

 â€œA paediatricianis children’s specialists who diagnoses and treats injuries, dysfunctions, malignancies, infections, genetic defects and organic diseases.”

The word paediatrics comes from the Greek that means “healer of Children”.

Paediatric doctor (Paediatricians) guides & counsels the children and their parents or guardians regarding hygiene, diet and disease prevention.

Abraham Jacobi is known as the father of paediatrics because of his contribution in this field.

Career & job

Paediatricians or child specialists have different career option. They work in a number of environments such as in government & private hospitals. Paediatricians can also work in medical centers, clinics & research laboratories. The paediatrician can also work as teacher in medical colleges or training institution. They can also work as an independent practitioner.

Salary & Payscale

Starting salary of the Paediatrician depends upon the qualification of the candidate, experiences. In the government sector, Paediatrician can earn Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 50,000 as a beginner level practitioner. Those working at the senior level, they will earn a salary between Rs. 11 lakhs to Rs. 12 lakhs per year.  In private sector, the starting salary of the paediatrician is Rs. 7 lakh to Rs. 8 lakh per annum. At the senior level, paediatricians can earn a salary package of Rs. 20 lakh to Rs. 35 lakh every year.

Call–09886766603/6204829940 for admission guidance

Visit our website- www.maataraeducationindia.com

Top Ranking Private Medical College in Karnataka under NEET Score based direct admission through management Quota (2019-2020) Book Your Seats in advance

AJ Institute of Medical Sciences& Research Centre, Mangalore *MD-Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-6)

Adichunchanagiri Institute of Medical Sciences Bellur*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-4)

Al-Ameen Medical College, Bijapur *MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-2)

Basaveswara Medical College and Hospital, Chitradurga*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-1)

Dr BR Ambedkar Medical College, Bangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-1)

Father Mullers Institute of Medical Education and Research, Mangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-7)

Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Belgaum*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-5)

JJM Medical College, Davangere*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-9)

JSS Medical College, Mysore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-9)

KS Hegde Medical Academy, Mangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-4)

KVG Medical College, Sullia*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-3)

Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-8)

Kasturba Medical College, Manipal*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-9)

Kempeqowada Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-7)

Khaja Banda Nawaz Institute of Medical Sciences, Gulbarga*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-2)

MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-2)

Mahadevappa Rampur Medical College, Gulbarga*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-6)

MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital, Bangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-6)

Navodaya Medical College, Raichur*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-4)

Rajarajeswari Medical College& Hospital, Bangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-7)

SS Institute of Medical Sciences& Research Centre, Davangere*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-3)

S.Nijalingappa Medical College& HSK Hospital &Research Centre, Bagalkot*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-6)

SDM College of Medical Sciences& Hospital, Sattur, Dharwad*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-4)

Shri B M Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Vijayapura(Bijapur) *MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-4)

Sri Devaraj URS Medical College, Kolar*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-3)

Sri Siddhartha Medical College, Tumkur*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-2)

St. Johns Medical College, Bangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-3)

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences& Research Centre, Bangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-8)

Yenepoya Medical College, Mangalore*MD- Paediatrician * (Annual Intake Seats-4)

Call–09886766603/6204829940 for admission guidance

Visit our website- www.maataraeducationindia.com

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Contact us–09886766603/6204829940 for Management/Foreign Quota in Medical Colleges in Karnataka   



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