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For admission related enquiry under management or nri quota in Christ university call 09108585198


Christ University, throughout its glorious history, has played a pivotal role in the field of Commerce and Economics education. It provides technology based integrated and inclusive education in a disciplined, dynamic, vibrant and hygienic environment.  We try to nurture students with adequate emphasis on all the three aspects of integrated education e.g. physical, intellectual and value education. Christ University Bangalore also enjoys the reputation of being a friend of the less privileged sections, in particular the Himalayan range


For admission related enquiry under management or nri quota in Christ university call 09108585198

Christ University is equipped with state-of-the-art lecture rooms, computer laboratory, enriched library, ultra-modern sports complex including Basic Health Care Unit, Physiotherapy, Gymnasium and swimming pool.

 Besides infrastructure, college is valued for its academic rigour, in particular the delivery of student centric and research oriented content.We promote continuous engagement between college and industry to produce graduates prized by the industry. An appreciation of cultural heritage, socio-economic diversity and promotion of cross-culture learning through international linkages is a part of the Christ University Bangalore environment.

Christ University Bangalore fraternity has successfully conducted themselves over the years for achieving excellence.  The faculty members continue to discharge their duties with dedication, commitment, passion and courage. Non-faculty members of the Christ University Bangalore fraternity with different but complementary services such as hostels, library, accounts, administration etc. are valued colleagues.  In the years ahead, Christ University Bangalore will continue to uphold the rich legacy of being number one college for Commerce education in India and strive to become one of the best global academic institutions by 2026, the year of its centenary celebration. A lot has been done and much more is desired to take it to higher trajectory of growth.  For this we believe that all the stakeholders are equally significant but the most important stakeholder and the strength of the Christ University Bangalore is the input of the system i.e. the STUDENTS, who pass through the various processes designed by the faculty and non-faculty members.



Admission Procedures and General Guidelines for Admission

College follows the admission guidelines, schedule and criteria as notified by UGC. For the academic year 2017-18, candidates from all the categories must be registered centrally through online facility of the UGC  for the courses available in the College.

College will announce cut-offs for candidates of all the main categories (Gen/OBCs/SCs/STs/PwD) for B.Com (Hons.) and B.A. (Hons.) Economics separately as per the notified schedule of the University of Delhi for Undergraduate admission in academic session-2017-18.

All the registered candidates meeting the cut-offs will be given admission after satisfactory verification of requisite documents required for admission. Therefore 'First Come First Serve' criteria will not be applicable for admission.

Candidates who have missed their admission deadline of their cut-offs will be given chance of admission only on the last day of admission schedule of the subsequent cut-offs provided seats are left unfilled. Reservation for PwD candidates is 5% of total sanctioned seats for B.Com (Hons.) and B.A. (Hons.) Economics separately.

Certificate of physical disability issued by Chief Medical Officer/Civil Surgeon of district or any government hospital authorized to give such certificate under the provision of PWD Act 1995 will be considered for admission. In case of any query the candidate may refer to http://www.ccdisabilities.nic.in

The reservation for wards of Kashmiri Migrants is 5% of total sanctioned seats for B.Com (Hons.) and B.A. (Hons.) Economics separately subject to 10% concessions in the cut-offsof general category in each case.

Benefits of reservation for candidates from reserve categories (SCs/STs/OBCs/PwD/Kashmiri Migrants and others) will be available only after production of original copy of relevant certificates which should be available in the name of candidates at the time of admission.

All those candidates under the categories of Armed Forces/ Sikkimese/Kashmiri Migrants/PwD if want to be considered in any other category such as SCs, STs or OBCs then they must have registered their names separately in the respective category.

Candidates seeking admission in B.Com (Hons.) and B.A. (Hons.) Economics under the Armed Forces, Nepalese, Bhutanese, Sikkimese, Kashmiri Migrants, Sports and Foreign categories must have registered online with the UGC in their respective categories. Their admission to the College will be based on the norms of UGC.

The benefit of reservation in the OBCs category is available to only candidates of those castes which are mentioned in the state-wise list of the Government of India. Certificate of OBCs must contain status of Non-creamy layer and should be latest as per the governing law of the Government of India.

For admission under sports category, the candidates must fill a separate sports admission form after having selected under sports quota in the College. The admission under sports quota will be governed by the admission criteria of the UGC.

No student will be allowed to take admission in two courses/Colleges simultaneously. In case, they are found to be admitted in two courses/Colleges simultaneously, the admission in all courses/Colleges will be cancelled.

All the original certificates of the candidates seeking admission in the College need to be submitted in original with the College which will be returned after expert and legal verification.

In case of cancellation of admission of any candidate in any course in the College students will be promptly returned their certificates to facilitate their migration to other College and course. After the cancellation of the admission the students will be refunded the fee by the College.

Mode of Fee Payments at the Time of Admission in the College

The selected students of all the categories for admission in the College are supposed to make payment of College fee of Rs. 15000 through the website of the University of Delhi before till 12:00 noon of the next day of the given admission list deadline.

Criteria for Sports Admission in Undergraduate Courses as per the Notification of the University of Delhi

All candidates willing to take admission under sports category must get registered online on the website of University of Delhi.

The College will notify the actual number of seats under Sports Quota (supernumerary) and requirement of sportspersons in different Sports/Games along with the respective position/ on its College Website and Notice Board well in advance. The same would be notified on the University of Delhi Website. There are two categories of sports admission as mentioned below.

I. Super Category: Direct Admission without Sports Trials

Sportspersons who have represented India in the under-mentioned Competition(s), recognized and funded by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MYAS) will be given Direct Admission without Sports Trial.

Olympic Games by the International Olympic Committee

World Championship / World Cup by International Sports Federations

Commonwealth Games by Commonwealth Games Federation

Asian Games by Olympic Council of Asia

Asian Championships by International Sports Federations

South Asian Games (SAG) by South Asian Sports Council

Paralympic Games by International Paralympic Committee

II. Admission on the Basis of Sports Trials

The criteria for marking of sports certificates display marks for different levels of position and/ or participation in various sports competitions are available at the website of the University of Delhi.

Sports Certificate of Invitational / Memorial / Open / Prize Money League / Ranking competitions will not be considered.

Only the highest Sports Certificate will be considered for Marking.

Sports Certificate of only preceding three years will be considered from 22nd May 2014 to 21st May 2017.

The level of competency of the applicant will be determined for those who have achieved distinction only during the preceding three years in those Games/ Sports recognized by AIU /MYAS in which Inter-University Competitions are held and preference given by the colleges.

Applicant should upload self -attested copy of Sports Certificate.

B. Maximum 60 Marks for Sports Trial

Sports Trial includes Game/ Sport Specific Fitness, Fundamental Skills and Overall Playing Ability.

The Applicant should go through the notifications issued by the Constituent Colleges and University of Delhi on their Website.

The College will conduct Sports Trial for a specific Game/ Sport identified by Delhi University Sports Council (DUSC).

The College identified for conducting Sports Trial for a specific Game/ Sport and not having facilities may contact DUSC by giving advance information.

The College should video-graph the Sports Trial.

The Applicant must secure minimum 30 marks in the Sports Trial to be eligible for admission on the basis of Sports.


The allotment of programme to the eligible applicants shall conform to University regulations and will be the sole responsibility of the College and may be finalized by the Sports Admission Committee of the College which will include:Chairperson: Principal

Convener: Teacher in-charge, Department of Physical Education

Member/s: Teacher/s, Department of Physical Education

Nominee: One faculty member of the Staff Council

The Sports Admission Committee of the College shall :Screen the application form uploaded by the Applicant

Verify original Sports Certificate of the applicants as per marks allotted by DUSC

In Case of Tie: Applicants securing same marks in the same game/ sport eligible to take admission in the same programme / college, may be resolved by the Sports Admission Committee of the College, considering the following order:Higher marks obtained in Sports Trial

Higher marks in Sports Certificate

In case, the Tie still persists, all the applicants may be admitted.

The list of finally selected applicants containing marks of the Sports Certificates and Sports Trials along with programme allotted shall be displayed on the Website and Notice Board of the College for three days to take cognizance of the grievances, if any. The Grievance Committee of the College must resolve all the grievances within next three working days before admitting the applicants.

The list (soft and hard copy) of finally admitted applicants on the basis of Sports shall be sent to DUSC within seven days from the last date of admission of the University.

The College shall maintain proper record of the applicants admitted on the basis of Sports.

The applicant as per their age must be eligible to participate in Inter-University Competitions for the next three years and should not be employed Part-time / Full-time anywhere.

Any injury/ casualty caused to the applicant during Sports Trials shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant.

It is mandatory to submit an Undertaking on Non-Judicial Stamp Paper of Rs. 100/- by the applicant at the time of admission stating that he/she will play for the College and University during their Under-Graduate programme of study.

Disclaimer:College reserves the right to change the number and nature of specific game/ sport and their respective position/ event/ weight category depending upon the availability of applicants at any stage of admission.

Admission Procedure NRI/Foreign Applicants

India is one of the most preferred destinations for education and learning for many countries, and FDDI has always encouraged active participation from students of all regions across the globe. For decades FDDI has attracted pool of talents and helped them nurture their dreams and spread the knowledge gained during this learning process. Dynamic curriculum, extensive infrastructural facilities and support for learning gives the right environment for professional knowledge and grooming of students.


Overseas Candidates:-

Overseas candidate applying for admission into Bachelor & Master programmes have to fill the registration form online along with other applicants in India. Such students may attend interview process online. 7.5% of seats, over and above the total number of seats allocated at all FDDI programme, are reserved for applicants from foreign countries/ NRIs on supernumerary basis.


A person of Indian origin possessing foreign citizenship (except that of Pakistan and Bangladesh) without ‘NRI’ status, who holds a foreign passport at the time of application, consideration for admission and during the period of his/her study, he/she or anyone/both of his/her parents or anyone/both of his/her grandparents is (or was)/are (or were) citizen(s) of India by virtue of the provisions of the Constitution of India or Sec. 2(b) of Citizenship Act, 1955 (Act No. 57 of 1955).


NRI is a candidate who is a child/ ward of the person who has NRI status as defined under section 6 of the Income Tax Act 1961. Also, an individual is defined as Non-Resident when he is 'not a resident' of India or who is 'not ordinarily a resident' of India. A person is treated as 'not ordinarily resident' when any of the following conditions is satisfied: If he/she has not been a resident of India for nine out of ten preceding years.


If he/she has not ordinarily been in India for a period of 730 days or more during the preceding seven years.

Only a person who is a NRI himself/herself may seek admission and no other candidate without NRI status would be eligible. Admission under this category shall be made on the basis of merit. If any or all seats from the NRI quota remain unfilled, the resulting vacancy shall be filled on merit of the applicants for admission.

Seats remaining vacant shall not lapse and can be converted to any other category.

09108585198 christ direct admission university bba travel and tourism

Event is deleted by organizer. Please contact organizer for more details.


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