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Oct 24, 2021 - Oct 30, 2021
03:00 AM - 06:00 AM (Asia/Kolkata)

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Registrations open for the Law of Attraction Online Coach Training: Life Coach Certification 2021, 24th - 30th October 2021, as the 3rd batch of inspired souls are ready to take their leap of faith and allow the Universe to empower them to live their purpose to assist others wake up to their own power.

Do you believe that Law of Attraction is the most powerful Law in the Universe and the most advanced spiritual knowledge on the planet in this time-space reality?
Do you want to grow your knowledge of Law of Attraction further and master it to teach others from the clarity of your own example?
Do you want to contribute to the awakening on the planet and and be the coaches of empowerment for those looking for answers in these times of greatest change on the planet?
Do you have this innate desire to assist others in their inner journey and wish to work one on one with people and help them find their own power and see them succeed?
Does watching people get happy and experiencing a wonderful life give you a ‘kick’ and would you like to be the catalyst behind your clients success and life transformation ?
Do you want to work flexible hours earning abundantly, receiving gratification from the work you do and garnering love and blessings from your clients and respect from society at large?

If what you read excites you and inspires you and you feel an inner calling to be a part of that space, and live a life on purpose, allow me to assist you
* in your journey of greater empowerment,
* deeper understanding of the laws of the universe
* and invite you to an inner adventure of 7 days to complete your purpose of become an lighthouse of empowerment in this time-space reality and catapult you into success, fame and prosperity.

Teaching and training are fast becoming the most rewarding careers on this planet and set to get their long due credit. This is time for the great ‘reawakening’ on the planet, and a time of ‘numerous teachers’ as Abraham calls it. As more and more people are looking for answers and ready to ‘wake up’, more and more teachers will be called for and it is time you enabled yourself with tools to assist others when they look for help and approach you, if that’s your calling and_your purpose that you are becoming aware of.

Who is a Life Coach?
Just like a coach in the train, they take you from point A-where you are, to point B- where you would like to be, in life. A life coach is little bit of a guide, counselor, a friend, a teacher and a therapist, professionally trained to helping clients on a one to one basis to recognize their full potential and achieve the desired results that’s important for them.

If the idea of being the strength and impetus that makes your clients win at life excites you, the Law of Attraction Coach Training Program is just the program for you.

The best part about Life Coaching is that on one hand it gives you a big boost to your existing practice and on the other hand you don’t have to quit your job or make a career switch to work as a coach. Coaching happens at hours most convenient to you, on the days you are available, involves zero ongoing cost and can happen no matter where you and your client are located.(My clients call me from various cities in India and internationally and I coach them while I am traveling and in other cities).

How is this Coach Training different?

Most coaching approaches are ‘logical’ in nature and work purely on the mind and don’t acknowledge the spirit or the soul or the spark of divine creative potential in all of us. I believe and know that Law of Attraction is the most advanced spiritual knowledge on the planet and unless we understand it well, we really are playing a game of life that we don’t understand the rules of, and so find it really difficult to win and not a pleasure for most. This Coach Training is to help you grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally and as a teacher to create a very strong foundation for yourself and develop a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction, to be able to help others who might be looking for personal assistance.

The bigger the building, the deeper and stronger the foundation. This week we would be working on making your foundation strong enough that you can pull up others who are vibrationally misaligned and who need your help,
and still maintain your alignment in all kinds of environments.

This week could be defined as an ‘inner transformation week’, that awakens and empowers the teacher that you truly are, helps you go through this process of inner clearing and strengthening and evolve, while learning and garnering powerful tools and processes that will enable you to assist others come into light, knowledge and well-being, as you choose to live a life on purpose.

What does the Coach Training include?
1. Manual with complete script to Coach and lead meditations for your clients.
2. Complete Marketing know-how on how to promote yourself as a coach and become successful.
3. Sharing and preview of the secrets behind my success as a coach
4. Training to use tools to create your own fliers, artwork and all promotional material
5. Ongoing support through the year though 12 Coach Webinars OR 6 personal coaching sessions with me (the choice is yours) to help you on issues that are individual and on subjects that are important to you as a coach, worth 26k.
6. Annual Coach licensing fee of 10k. Annual Coaching fee is waived for all years, exclusively for the Coach Training batch of 2021.
7. Feature on the LOA League Website as a Coach.

This being a Law of Attraction Coach Training you are expected to be very aware of the works of Abraham Hicks and Rhonda Byrne.

When and where:
Online Live, 24th - 30th October 2021

Workshop starts: 3pm on 24th October
Workshop timings: 10am-6pm each day
Workshop ends: 6pm on 30th October

Carry Forward Scholarship (worth 30K):

I believe the best investment is in yourself and it always pays off great dividends. As a part of the LOA Coach Training, you would be eligible to be a part of any 3 Workshops ( 6 Workshop Days) in the next 1 year at zero investment.

1. LOA Foundation 1 Day Workshop
2. LOA Advanced 2 Day Workshop
3. Transform Your Life 2 Day Workshop
4. Advanced Transform Your Life 3 Day Workshop
5. Money and the Law of Attraction Breakthrough 2 Day Workshop
6. Chakra Balancing Workshop

The number of coaches to be trained and licensed:

The Coach Training 2021 is limited to 25 enthusiasts only.

In my endeavour to create a league of teachers who teach Law of Attraction, live a life on purpose and teach through the clarity of their own example and truly want to make an impact in the world, this Program would be path breaking and a unique experience. I take it as a personal responsibility to make you successful in this domain and coaches who are respected, loved and sought after globally for the value and transformation they bring into people’s lives.

Coach Training led by:

Gaurav Behl
Gaurav is a professional Life Coach and an Up-lifter. He is a Law of Attraction Teacher Trainer, Law of Attraction Coach Trainer, Life Coach’s Life Coach, Prosperity Coach and Money Workshop Leader, Transform Your Life Workshop Leader, Kids & Teen Workshop Leader, a healer and a channeler. He has been deeply impressed and inspired by Abraham Hicks, Bruce Lipton and Louise Hay.

In the last 7 years he has conducted over 165 Transformational workshops based on Law of Attraction and reprogramming the subconscious mind, the maximum anyone has done in India in this period and personally assisted over 7000 people in making breakthroughs in their personal lives. Gaurav is the only Life coach in India to have been part of a workshop with Abraham Hicks in 2017 in France, in 2018 in Greece and in Barcelona in 2019. He was the only coach in India to have studied under Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braden in 2019 in Rome.

He is a Life Coach’s Life Coach and trains and nurtures Life Coaches and those who have a calling to assist others in their spiritual journey and helps them in creating successful and gratifying careers in the arena of personal development, life coaching and Workshop leadership through his LOA Teacher Training and LOA Coach Training Programs..

Looking forward to welcoming you to this week of empowerment, enlightenment and growth and you set on an adventure of self exploration and deepening your foundation of the Laws of the Universe, while having lots of fun!
Delighted to be a channel for your further growth as you wish to evolve and progress in your career as a channel of empowerment, love and joy on this planet!

Blessings, love and prosperity,

Gaurav Behl
‘When you win, I win’


Organiser : Law of Attraction League Foundation


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Law of Attraction Online Coach Training: Life Coach Certification 2021

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