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Oct 30, 2021 08:00 AM - Nov 1, 2021 05:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)


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Learning and Teaching both were forced to be revolutionised based on the insights brought out in the form of Multiple Intelligence. Possibly nothing has changed education more than MI. Opportunities to be creative and collaborative have emerged. Intensive work to understand and to deal with creative minds and planning lessons accordingly have become imperative as well as an opportunity. Each teacher is creative but to the extent of a few Intelligences. The imaginative puzzle of MI lesson plans require collaboration with colleagues with different strengths. To know more about how other teachers deal with the new opportunities and how to enrich one’s own thinking is the underlying mission of CIQ MIND - Creativity & Intelligence Quest - Multiple Intelligences Navigational Dimensions.

Share ideas and activities. Sharing is the new mode of enriching the process. No hierarchy. No Seniority. Learn to be creative, learn to be real, learn to open your minds to develop the signature strengths of self and children. Find tools to harness the potential, and create miracles.

GEAR Foundation is planning the CIQ - MIND, a three-day all-India level conference on Multiple Intelligences with the target audience being teachers, parents, management of educational institutions and educationists across the country and CIQ-SMILE - a contest exclusively on Multiple Intelligences for the teacher community.

Brief on Conference

  1. As a school, we at GEAR strongly believe in Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences approach to education. This year we are planning a 3 day All India level MI Conference on the 30th, 31st October and 1st November, via virtual mode.
  2. The theme for this year is MIND- Multiple Intelligences Navigational Dimensions.
  3. Each day will start with a keynote address.
  4. All the 9 MI’s will be addressed as 2 sessions each day (3 day-conference). For eg. Naturalistic Intelligence will have two sessions, 1 hour 30 minute sessions and each session will cover a different aspect of Naturalistic Intelligence.
  5. Every day there will be a third session (7 topics) from which target audience can choose on various other topics like
  6. Registration is on day basis. If you register for one day, you can choose one MI (two sessions) and an extra session of your choice (you can choose one out of seven sessions available). 
  7. Same way if you register for two days, you can choose 2 MIs (2 sessions each) and two extra sessions of your choice. Likewise you can register for three days.

Thanks and Regards

CIQ Team


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