Food meeting
Jan 9, 2021 - Jan 10, 2021
04:00 PM - 04:00 PM (Pacific/Niue)
Food meeting, 4383 Kooter Lane
Charlotte,United States

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Pickled onion and garlic are one of the most useful and necessary products for humans and are widely used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. At the same time, onions are distinguished not only by an interesting taste, but also have tremendous health benefits.

The healing characteristics of onions, along with its peculiar taste, are responsible for the incredible popularity of the vegetable throughout the world. Basically, onions are eaten raw, but there are many ways to prepare this useful product for future use. For example, pickled onions are one storage option.

Onions are pickled mainly with the help of a marinade, which in its taste resembles an ordinary cucumber pickle. Suitable for salting are both very small fruits and medium-sized bulbs, that is, those that fit well into glass containers and have an attractive appearance when finished. But this does not mean at all that large vegetables cannot be used for making pickled onions. They are simply cut into rings or pieces.

An excellent offer in winter is the pickled onion salad, which is an extremely tasty and healthy dish. For its preparation, fruits of a rather large size are required. The bulbs are peeled from the outer shell, washed and cut into thin rings. Any seasonings and spices are lowered to the bottom of the glass jar as desired, onion rings are not placed very tightly on top. Marinade is boiled from water, salt, sugar and vinegar and poured into jars hot.

Of course, pickled onions are somewhat inferior to fresh ones in terms of their medicinal characteristics, but the finished product has a milder spicy taste with less pronounced pungency. Pickled onions perfectly complement a variety of salads and appetizers made from vegetables, meat or seafood. In addition, it is served with meat and fish dishes as an original side dish.

Composition and useful properties

Onions contain carbohydrates and proteins, a small amount of vegetable fats, cellulose and a whole list of valuable compounds.

In particular, the healing qualities of the plant are manifested if onions are eaten raw, but pickled onions are also useful. First of all, this has a positive effect on the digestive processes. The substances contained in the vegetable perfectly stimulate the secretion of gastric enzyme, therefore any food in combination with fresh onions is digested faster and absorbed better.

In addition, onion essential oils contain special phytoncides that can destroy a large number of harmful bacteria that enter the stomach along with food. Scientists have found that onion phytoncides cope well with pathogens such as streptococcus, cholera and dysentery.

  1. ​Food meeting,
    4383 Kooter Lane,
    Charlotte, NC, United States


Organiser : Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

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Food meeting

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