Garage Door Expo
Jun 3, 2016
09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
8360 Miramar Pl, 8360,Miramar Place,Sorrento Valley
San Diego,United States

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Garage doors are becoming more and more popular, now that people are putting their cars back in the garage rather than just using it as cluttered storage.

There are so many benefits to a garage door, storing your car safely and easily, getting in and out of your garage without have to bend or lift with an electric garage door and best of all, showing off to your neighbours.

Who is this event for?

This event is perfect for anyone who is considering getting or replacing their garage door.

Event Details

The two and a half day event will allow anyone who wants to see the different garage doors we do and the different mechanisms all in one place. Attendees can walk around at their own leisure and speed without being ‘harassed by salesmen’. There will be advisers present for you to ask questions too, not the other way around. we also engage in garage door repair san diego

Days One and Two - Time Scales 

9am - Start with Teas and Coffees

9am - Doors Open

10am - Slideshow Starts - will be on a loop all day

12.30pm - Lunch Break - where the event will close for an hour

1.30pm - Doors ReOpen

4pm - Q and A session

5pm - Doors Close

Day Three (half day) - Time Scales

9am - Start with Teas and Coffees

9am - Doors Open

9.30am - Slideshow Starts - will be on a loop all day

10am - Q and A session

12 noon - Doors Close

What to Wear or Bring

There is not a ‘dress code’ to our garage event so wear what you wish, though we do request something.

You do not have to bring anything but if you can it is worth bringing your garage door measurements, that way we can order on the day for you..

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event inside or out? - There will be inside and outside displays. The outside one will be showing the waterproofing.

Is lunch given? - No, we do not provide the food nor is there a cafe on site.

Is free Wifi there? - No we do not offer wifi

Onsite carpark? - Yes there is a carpark next door to the event, signs will guide you to us.

  1. ​8360 Miramar Pl,
    8360,Miramar Place,Sorrento Valley,
    San Diego, California, United States


Organiser : Clark Schmid

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Garage Door Expo

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