Software Testing Classroom training in kolkata
Apr 8, 2017 - Apr 30, 2022
10:00 AM - 06:00 PM (Asia/Kolkata)
Palium Skills Professional Training Institute in Kolkata, Katju Nagar,Jadavpur

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Manual Testing

Mode: Classroom

Duration: 40 hours

This program will provide you with training on Manual testing

Mode: Classroom

Course Outline:

1. Introduction Software Testing.

2. Software Development Life Cycles

Ø Waterfall Model

Ø V-Model

Ø Spiral Model

Ø Agile Methodology (Scrum Mode)

3. Software Testing Life Cycle

4. Software Testing Definition

Ø ØVerification

Ø ØValidation

Ø ØQuality Assurance

Ø ØQuality Control

Ø ØStatic Testing

Ø ØDynamic Testing

Ø ØResidual Defect

Ø ØSanity Testing

Ø ØSmoke Testing

Ø ØExploratory Testing

Ø ØDefect Density

Ø ØSeverity

Ø ØPriority

Ø ØEnd to End Testing

Ø ØBug, Defect and error story.

Ø ØStress Testing

Ø ØLoad Testing

Ø ØRegression Testing

Ø ØRe-Testing

Ø ØAd-hoc Testing

Ø ØMonkey Testing

5. Types of Testing – Visibility

6. White Box Testing

Ø Ø Static Testing

Ø Ø Structural Testing

7. Black Box Testing

Ø Introduction

Ø Positive and Negative Testing

Ø Boundary Value Analysis

Ø Decision Table Testing

Ø Equivalence Partitioning

8. Integration Testing

Ø Top-Down Approach

Ø Bottom-up Approach

Ø Bi-Directional Approach

Ø System Integration

9. System Testing

Ø Functional System Testing

Ø Non-Functional System Testing

Ø Scalability Testing

Ø Reliability Testing

Ø Interoperability Testing

10. Types of Testing – Functionality

11. Types of Testing – Levels

12. Requirement Specification

13. Test Plan Documentation

14. Defect Life Cycle

15. User Acceptance Testing

Ø Alpha Testing

Ø Beta Testing

16. Test Case Designing

Ø Test Scenario

Ø Test Case

Ø Test Case Template

17. Test Data Preparation

18. Requirement Traceability Matrix

Ø Forward Traceability Matrix

Ø Backward Traceability Matrix

19.Effort Estimation & ROI

20. Frequently asked questions in interview.

We also impart Selenium Testing....

  1. ​Palium Skills Professional Training Institute in Kolkata,
    Katju Nagar,Jadavpur,
    Kolkata, West Bengal, India


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Palium Skills

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Software Testing Classroom training in kolkata

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