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food and drink

You can now focus on the food and drink events while you let Explara’s extensive suite of Event setup, management and promotion tools manage the Registrations and Promotion for you.

From setting up to selling out - Explara manages the whole process for Food and Beverage Events - Sunday Brunches, Team Lunches, Chef’s Table Experiences, Street Food Walks, Food Trails, Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Food Workshops, Celebrity Chef Workshop, Dessert Workshops, Baking Workshops, Chocolate Making Workshops, Brewery Tours, Vineyard Tours, Pub hopping, Brewing Classes and Wine Making Workshops.


  • Custom Registration Page
  • Customize your event page with your essence so that the customers get a flavour of the event at the event page.
  • Multi-Session Registration
  • Curate mini experiences and design your event registration page accordingly.
  • Invitation Only Registration
  • Host a group of like minded people at your food and drinks event with the invite based feature.
  • Group Registration
  • Let the eating and drinking galas of a group be a merry event, give them the option to book all tickets together.
  • Facebook Registration
  • Make a feast of registrations by reaching a wider audience via Facebook.
  • Multi-venue Registration
  • Organise parties across locations simultaneously and include all addresses together.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ can promote your drinking and dining affairs. Integrate your registration page to these platforms.
  • Mobile Access
  • Ease of access takes a whole new meaning. Give out registration details of your event even on the mobile.
  • Guest Registration
  • Allow restaurateurs, event organisers and other guests to modify your registration page with ease. To use, enable this option.
  • Registration Widget
  • Just two lines of HTML code and you have a simple, yet effective registration widget in your website.
  • Customize Registration Form
  • Process information about the attendees of your event by collecting information pre-event to customise registration forms.
  • Ticket Level Attendee Form
  • Reduce the wait for hungry foodies, ask them the right questions through custom attendee forms with the option to only fill up on what they like.
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking
  • Payments as smooth as a slushie because we accept debit cards, credit cards and give net banking options.
  • Offline Payment Processing
  • Prefer offline payment processing? We recommend the cheque-roast.
  • Paypal Integration
  • When we work with PayPal, you get a great combo offer.
  • Payment Wallets
  • Use your preferred wallet to make payments, after adding money to those wallets.
  • Pay outs
  • Don't remain hungry for long as we offer the fastest disbursement and payment processing in the industry.
  • Multiple Price Options
  • Price your experiences differently for weekdays and weekends.
  • Flexible Registration Fee
  • You can allow your buyers to pay for the service and other fees as they see fit, or you could bear the cost.
  • Multiple Currency Options
  • Whether it is rupees or paiseas, enable payment of tickets with the use of currencies of their choice.
  • Discount Codes
  • Avail of a buffet of discount options and choose the one that works best for you.
  • Travel Booking Integration
  • Let the hassle of getting to a destination not be the reason to miss out. Integrate travel booking options along with the main booking.
  • Email Marketing
  • Increase your reach to prospects with our built-in email invitation template.
  • Affiliate Program Solution
  • Enable associates, partners and affiliates to advertise your event and increase visibility and sales. Give out details of commissions they will receive, based on the reports that will be captured.
  • Re-Engage Audience
  • Remind audiences, who've feasted with you before, about upcoming events and offer them special discounts.
  • Sell via Facebook Registration App
  • Increase your reach on the social web by engaging audiences on Facebook.
  • Discount Codes
  • Send out some tasters. Roling out unique promo codes is a great way to draw in customers and also helps you gauge your marketing and promotional channels.
  • Promotion Widgets
  • Special promotion widgets, that are easily deliverable through your online marketing efforts, are all part of the package.
  • Attendee Info Management
  • You have access to all your event attendee data. Basic as well as additional information collected as per your form design.
  • Email Attendees
  • Our in-built emailing service lets you communicate with your event attendees. Got a new wine-list for the event? Let them know.
  • In-built Buyer Support
  • Use our Buyer Support module to engage guests and answer queries. Food tastes better with great service.
  • Reporting Tools
  • Find out what you need for your next great dish. Analyse registrations, sales, promotional code usage trends and other metrics with our reporting tools.
  • Event Day Entry Management Mobile App
  • Enjoy your drink on the D Day. Our Event Day Entry Management app is really all you'll need.
  • Membership Joining & Renewal
  • Set up communities. Have your favourite foodies join the community as members. Make it easier for them to register for future events through customized forms.
  • Subscription & Renewal Payment Processing
  • Premium memberships for your special guests with monthly/ quarterly/ annual subscription offers.
  • Website & Facebook Integration
  • Expand your reach by integrating your event with your Facebook page and website through API or widgets. Tell the people you know to prepare their stomachs.
  • Community Events
  • Have special events for different cuisines, host an ice cream blast, pull out all stops for pub crawls. Organize events just for your community. You can always invite others too.
  • Member Email Lists
  • Feasts are for feeding thousands. Use your community member email lists to reach foodies all over and tell them about your event.

    Case Studies

    Client-Yauatcha’s Food Experience:

    Yauatcha is a Bangalore-based fine dining chain that serves Cantonese food. Explara worked with them to create a ‘Food Experience’ - Dim sum Trail, Weekend Brunch, Unlimited Drinks

    Business Challenges:

    Yauatcha is a well-known Michelin starred restaurant chain. People know about them but being a fine dining chain, they had some difficulty filling their tables on a daily basis. Creating a Food Experience attracted many first-time guests to try out Yauatcha’s cuisine and also helped draw others who had tried Yauatcha before. Explara’s multiple Event promotion tools helped Yauatcha create the much-needed buzz about them on Social Media that has ensured a full house.

    Explara Feature Checklist:

    • Mailers to 1 lakh foodies in Bangalore who are Explara users
    • Featured Experience in our weekly newsletters
    • Facebook banner advertisements
    • Ran Twitter contest around the Yauatcha Experience
    • Instagram Posts
    • Outdoor Posters
    • Blogs about the Event
    • Provided Physical Tickets to be distributed to corporates

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