Effective Promotion and Marketing

The easiest way to promote your Event and sell tickets through email, social media and affiliate marketing.

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Email Marketing

Integrated email marketing with our Mailchimp app, just key-in your your Mailchimp API and use our built-in email invitation template to use your email list.

Affiliate Program Solution

Let your associates, partners and affiliate advertise your event and help you increasing visibility and sales! Specify the commission they get for every successful sales, it gets tracked and reported.

Re-Engage Audience

Re-engage your past-event attendee by inviting them or upload your audience data via CSV; and offer them special discount. The in-built re-engage solution takes care of the rest.

Sell via Facebook Registration App

Use Explara's Facebook App to show your registration page and registration types on your Facebook Page! Reach your audience on social web and increase engagement.

Promo & Discount Codes

Offer discounted registrations via promotion codes. Track the performance of each code and take actions to engage further.

Promotion Widgets

Distribute your registrations and event via our widgets such as button widgets and registration widgets in your email/content or affiliate marketing.

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