Efficient Sales Management

Flexible pricing, promotions and discounting solutions and easy integration of Travel and Merchandise sales.

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Multiple Price Options

Offer Multiple pricing with variety of discounts, and deadlines. One event can have tickets in multiple currency however it will be controlled by a base currency.

Flexible Registration Fee

Manage registration fees by either absoring the fee or letting the buyer pay the fees such as service fee, and any other extra fees.

Multiple Currency Options

Offer different registration types based on different currencies, for your global attendee to pay in their own currency.

Promo & Discount Codes

Offer bulk discount, code discount or disount to all with deadlines and limit on registration types and number of regisrations.

Merchandise Sale Integration

Sell merchandise as an add-on while prospective attendee is buying.

Travel Booking Integration

Offer travel booking for your attendee who have registeretd to attend.

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