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Be Fit. Play a Sport. Organize a Sports Event with world’s most powerful dashboard.

Our flexible and end-to-end platform makes organizing and managing Sports & Fitness Events a piece of cake. Marathons, Cycling Events, Outdoor & Indoor Sports, Yoga & Meditation, Summer or Winter Camps, 5K Run, Equestrian Events, 10 K Run, Health & Wellness, Martial Arts, Hockey, Swimming, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, Tennis, Badminton, Cricket, Midnight Marathon, Motor Sports.


  • Custom Registration Page
  • Your event's registration page should be as power packed as your event, play around with the registration page.
  • Multi-Session Registration
  • Create different packages for your attendees, 5k run, 10k run 15k run; all in one package.
  • Invitation Only Registration
  • Running transcends as being a mere sport for some. You know those people. Make it an exclusive race.
  • Group Registration
  • There is always strength in numbers. Allow registering in groups for sporting events together.
  • Facebook Registration
  • Play the social media field well and watch your registrations multiply! Reach out to athletes on Facebook with the Explara facebook widget.
  • Multi-venue Registration
  • Now you can conduct multiple events in different locations and consolidate the details on the event page.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Run through all social media by linking your registration page on these.
  • Mobile Access
  • Make sure your sports events can be accessed on your mobile so that you can get to your registration page from anywhere.
  • Guest Registration
  • Now you don't have to do all the registration work! With the guest registration option, your vendors and sponsors can modify the page as well.
  • Registration Widget
  • Two seconds in a race is the difference between first place and runner-up. Two lines of HTML code can be the difference of a good event and a sold-out event.
  • Customize Registration Form
  • View results of attendee information collected during registration process in-app or download them to process them offline, with the customise registration form.
  • Ticket Level Attendee Form
  • Your elite athletes and open category athletes belong in different places. With this option, add different sets of attendee forms.
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking
  • Kick off payments by using credit card/ debit card or net banking options.
  • Offline Payment Processing
  • Use cheques and DDs as payment mediums, and be assured it will be sent through the hoop.
  • Paypal Integration
  • PayPal and we can form a team to improve your payment experience.
  • Payment Wallets
  • Create a wallet account and use that as the means to make payments.
  • Pay outs
  • Speed is key. Blaze to the finish with the fastest disbursement in the industry.
  • Multiple Price Options
  • We offer you, not a marathon or triathlon, but a decathlon of options when it comes to tickets, deadlines and discounts.
  • Flexible Registration Fee
  • We're as flexible as a pole vaulting pole, and will allow you to either absorb costs such as service and extra fees, or pass it on to the buyer.
  • Multiple Currency Options
  • Leave the decision-making of which currency to pay with, up to the buyer. We will provide you with all the options.
  • Discount Codes
  • Choose from multiple options for discount codes to find yourself a great deal.
  • Travel Booking Integration
  • Travel is an inseparable element of sports events. Make it easy on yourself, book your travel with us.
  • Email Marketing
  • Strategize. Long runs need preparation. Market your event and broaden your reach by targeted mailers, newsletters, the works.
  • Affiliate Program Solution
  • Track and reward ticket sales by your associates, partners and affiliates. It's all about teamwork.
  • Re-Engage Audience
  • Call on your athletes from past runs. Leverage all those past efforts through our re-engagement solutions. Special invites and discounts are a great way to promote your event.
  • Sell via Facebook Registration App
  • Power through registrations by expanding your reach via our Facebook Registration app. Feature your event and provide a registration widget on your Facebook page.
  • Discount Codes
  • Promotional offers and unique discount codes help you track your marketing warm-up efforts.
  • Promotion Widgets
  • Go that extra mile by plugging in promotional widgets into your website and online marketing efforts.
  • Attendee Info Management
  • Know the players. Direct access to your event attendee data gives you basic customer data along with any additional information collected through your customized form design.
  • Email Attendees
  • Send emails to your event attendees, even those on the fence, through our in-built emailing service.
  • In-built Buyer Support
  • Respond to queries and resolve problems without breaking stride. Our in-built buyer support feature lets you manage queries very conveniently
  • Reporting Tools
  • Track your event's fitness by using our reporting tools to analyse registrations, sales, promotional activity, discount code trends and other metrics.
  • Event Day Entry Management Mobile App
  • Breeze through the event day attendee management without breaking a sweat. Our app makes it incredibly easy to manage your attendee entry.
  • Membership Joining & Renewal
  • Give your biggest players space to breathe. Create amateur communities where everybody's welcome. Add members to different communities and make registrations easier for successive events.
  • Subscription & Renewal Payment Processing
  • Your serious athletes demand performance. Offer premium memberships with monthly/ quarterly/ annual subscription benefits.
  • Website & Facebook Integration
  • Let everyone know who to cheer for by integrating your event with your own website and Facebook pages through an API or widget. Showcase your event to the world.
  • Community Events
  • Organize matches and runs for local communities. Foster the sporting spirit. Organize events for everyone.
  • Member Email Lists
  • Sporting and Marathon events need to manage thousands of people. Simplify reach by communicating directly with your community through your member email lists.

    Case Studies

    Bangalore Midnight Marathon:

    The Bangalore Midnight Marathon (BMM) was organized by Rotary Bangalore IT Corridor (RBITC) along with title sponsor, State Bank of India. Since inception in 2006, RBITC has implemented and conducted various community service projects.


    RBITC is a voluntary organization and needed to augment their organizing bandwidth to conduct an Event of this scale. The December 2013 BMM drew 7500 participants and featured four different race categories:

    Explara Feature Checklist:

    • Handled online, offline and onsite Registration for 7,500 people. Explara widget was used in official BMM website for registration
    • Organizing team created official Facebook page, Explara integrated Ticketing into Facebook page to help Guests book Tickets without visiting the official website. Explara team handled final Ticket verification and issued Bib numbers on Event day
    • Created and managed official Twitter account
    • Sent detailed mailers about BMM to 50,000+ people before Event, an alert mailer to all 7,500 registrants on Event day and a feedback mailer after the Event. Since Uber was the official travel partner, a travel facilitator mailer was sent to all participants
    • Helped organizers distribute merchandise like T-Shirts

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