How do I setup a private [Invitation Only] Event?

As the name suggests, the Private event [Invitation only] is best suited for cases where the organiser doesn’t want anybody and everybody to register for the event.

In such a case, the  Private event [Invitation only] is the best-used solution.  Here, the event will be visible to everybody as similar to Public event but the Register button or Buy Ticket button will be replaced by Request Invitation button.

This means a potential buyer can't register directly using the link. What the buyer can do if not invited, submit his/her details and ask for the register link. In such a scenario, the Buyer has to be invited through the system/dashboard. Only the invitation mail that is sent through the System will let the Buyer register. Any other means of sending the registration link will not allow the registration.

In order to create a Private event [Invitation only], the Organiser has to select the Private event [Invitation only ]  option while setting up the event. Events can be changed from  Private event [Invitation only ]  to  Public event and Vice-versa at any point in time.

Once a Private event [Invitation only ] is setup, the organiser should use the Event dashboard to invite the Potential buyers.  A separate menu named " Invitation "would get added on the dashboard once the event is changed to Private event [Invitation only].  This menu has a couple of sub-menus such as

Send Invitation:- The organiser should use this sub-menu to Send invite emails to all those people who are supposed to be registering for the event. Once the mail is sent to all those Invitees, the mail has the Register link that can be used by the Buyer to register and make payment.

Invitation List:- The data of those who have been invited stays in this table. If organiser wants to re-invite those people it can be done here.

Pending Request:- Those people who have landed on the Event landing page and submitted their details to be invited to register for the event, their data would be seen here. The organiser can also invite these people directly from this page.

Invitation Form:- If the organiser decides to capture more information from the potential buyer before inviting them then this form can be extended. In such case, once the potential Buyer clicks the Request Invitation button, this extended form will be shown to collect information.