I happen to see some number In from of the ticket name .What is this number all about? Will this ticket number will also show up on the event landing page?

The Explara platform gives you the option to create multiple ticket with the same name.

There are many reasons why this option is provided as this allow the organiser to have the ticket of same name to be created and associate those with the respective parent ticket. Even while creating discount codes where the ticket(s) need to be associated with the code, the admin has always had difficulties  choosing the correct ticket when there are multiple tickets with the same name.

In order to address these issue, we have decided to attach some random multiple digit number with the ticket so that the tickets are easily identified by the ticket number. This way, it will be very easy to identify the ticket even if one or more than one tickets have the same name.

This number will have no other impact. Meaning, the ticket will be shown on the event landing page without the ticket ID.