How to collect payment from international customers for my INR account?

If you are an ExplaraBiz user from India and you need to collect payment from your international customers, then you can use our payment gateway that supports both International as well as domestic payment processing. 
In ExplaraBiz, we have default payment gateway that caters to all your domestic payment instruments for INR processing such as CC, DC, Net Banking, UPI and this is enabled with your account all the time. However, if you need to have a payment processor(Gateway) that processes international transactions, AMEX cards, Diners card, Corporate cards etc then you need to activate our International Payment processor. The international Payment processor also handles domestic payment instruments such as DC/CC, Net Banking, UPI  as well. And this comes with a higher payment processing fee[3%+GST]. At any point in time, you can have either the only domestic payment processor or the International payment processor[This caters to domestic transactions as well].

In order to activate the International Payment Processing option, Please go to Apps & Integration menu and click on the Payment tab. You will see a card with an instruction that states "International & Domestic Payment - INR". Please click on the activate button for this card.