How do I create an email campaign?

To create a campaign, click “Email Marketing” on the left side of the main menu. You will see a couple of sub-menus. Please click Campaign. 

You will see the Button "Create Campaign." If you haven’t added your contacts in Contact List then better do it now.

Step by Step guide to send an Email campaign using ExplaraBiz?

Click on the Create Campaign button. When you create your campaign for the first time, this creates Campaign button will be in the centre of the page, but if you have done this earlier, you will see the Create Campaign button on the top right corner.


Once this Create Campaign button is clicked, it will show a Send Campaign form, which has got Fields such as To, From, Subject, Content, Send, and Schedule.

To:- Select the Contact List which you have created earlier to send emails.

The "Filter By System Tags" allows you to filter your contacts further. If you wish to send it to all the contacts of the selected contact List, do select all contacts, else choose one of the tags from the dropdown based on your preference.

From:- This form field needs to updated with the name of the sender and Its email Id. To add here, the email Id that you enter here must be a verified email by the Email Gateway service providers such as AWS SES, Mandrill, SendGrid, etc.

Subject:- Add the Subject line for the email campaign that you are about to send.

The Preview Text is seen when the email is inboxed without being opened.

The campaign name is an Identifier that is found on the dashboard to check its report and other statistics. In a nutshell, the campaign name is used to locate your campaign on the ExplaraBiz dashboard.

Campaign URL is an auto-generated URL that is attached to your campaign. This is useful when the receiver wants to see the email in a separate browser. This auto-generated URL is used to facilitate this.

Design:-This sections lets you attach your email Template with your campaign.

If you haven't created an email template, then you can do this under Email Campaign/Email Templates. If you have your Templates already been created, you will see all your templates here, and you can select one of your templates to associate with your Email Campaign.
Send or Schedule:- You can send the Email campaign now, or you can schedule it for later. If you decide to send it later, please set the date/time and time zone.