I have a Gmail account. Can I send bulk emails from ExplaraBiz by attaching my Gmail account?

Yes, ExplaraBiz provides an option to let you attach your Gmail account to send bulk emails. The email marketing tool in ExplaraBiz is useful to create beautiful, customizable templates; however, sending it to the contact list needs an email service provider such as AWS SES or SendGrid or Mandrill. Having said this, if you want to integrate your own Gmail Account, you can do so. To integrate the Gmail account, please go to the main menu Apps & Integration and search for a card named Gmail. Click on the "Activate" button which would take you to the Authorization popup. Please click the enable toggle and "Authorize Gmail" button and proceed with the authorization process.

Just to let you know, Gmail has email delivery restrictions. It would not allow sending more than 500 emails in a day. So, if you wish to send emails in multiple of 1000s, it is always advisable to use AWS SES or Mandrill or Sendgrid.