What are the apps and integrations available in ExplaraBiz?

Here is a list of apps and integrations that we offer:

Email Spam Check
Clean your contacts by detecting invalid, spammy, or non-operational email ids.

Amazon SES
Using our powerful email queue and integrated Amazon SES email, you can send 100,000s of email with ExplaraBiz Email marketing software.

Authorize your Gmail account to send personalized email to your customers and contacts.

Integrate your Mandrill Email Gateway to send all your email via Mandrill . 

Integrate your SendGrid Email Gateway to send all your email via SendGrid. 

Collect payment to your PayPal account by integrating your PayPal account. 

1-Click integration with your Stripe Payment gateway. Collect payment directly via Stripe to your account.

1-Click integration with your Vindi Payment gateway. Collect payment directly via Vindi to your account.

Facebook Store
Add your Web Store on your Facebook Page. Promote your products/services to millions of audience on Facebook.

Google Drive
Sync all your invoices, templates, images & files in your google drive to collaborate with your team.

GA & Tracking Script
Add your Google Analytics or other tracking scripts to track your campaign, channel, and conversion success. 

Email Forwarding
Setup email forwarding to send a copy of email going to your buyers to be also sent to your team member(s).

Set up a Webhook to take action based on your product transaction success. 

Button & Widget
Integrate button & frame widgets directly on your website/blog to collect payment.

Marketing & Audience Tracker
Advanced tracking using UTM parameters to analyze your visitors, conversions, and customers. 

Payment Gateway API
Easy to integrate Explara Payment gateway API with your workflow, software, or solutions.